The US Ministry Of Woke Propaganda Wants To Cancel You, Me, Fox, & Anyone Else Who Disagrees

BY TYLER DURDEN SATURDAY, FEB 13, 2021 – 20:30 Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog, There’s a saying that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But I think that there are people who learned from history and want to repeat it.  Don’t get me wrong. If you walked […]

Demonizing White Christians

 By Bill Donohue | February 10, 2021 Much to the chagrin of the Christian left, they have never been able to gain traction. This accounts, at least in part, for their animus against conservative Christians, who, unlike those on the left, carry significant political and cultural weight. The most recent manifestation of the Christian left’s hostility to […]

Was Biden’s Election the Real Insurrection?

BY ROD LAMPARD FEBRUARY 11, 2021 Without a doubt, interference in the United States election was a four-year-long campaign to manufacture the 2020 election result, on a ‘whatever it takes’ to payback Trump for dethroning Hilary Clinton basis. The framework of debate, if debating about 2020 electoral procedures and its outcome were allowed, includes the relationship […]

Tucker Carlson: Why the left wants to shut down Fox News for good

Every other media organization takes its orders from the billionaire class  By Tucker Carlson  Tucker Carlson: Why the left wants to shut down FOX News ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host explains Big Tech’s unprecedented mass censorship campaign Why are the Democrats so angry? They seethed for years while they were out of power, but winning seemed to enrage them even more. […]


The White House, Capitol building, and Washington Monument form the “Federal Triangle” which mirrors on the ground, Arcturus, Spica, and Regulus in the sky – three stars that bracket Virgo. In Washington D.C. there are 22 full zodiacs secreted into the architecture, most of them highlighting Virgo. This is the highest concentration of zodiacal art/symbology […]

The Illuminati and America were conceived side by side two months apart in 1776

People say that conspiracy theorists are “crackpots” who see a Devil behind every tree. Tin foil hatters awaiting the landings of the alien spaceships. Now, granted, all that makes great fodder by the publishers of cartoon news dumbed-down for idiots. But the truth of the matter, the actual quotes of the ruling elite, would seem to […]

Freemasonry, Astrology, and the Washington D.C. Street Plan

During the 1790s French Freemason Pierre L’Enfant designed the street plan and architectural layout of Washington D.C. to include many occult talismans. If you see D.C. from an aerial view, you may be shocked to find things like an iron cross (used by Hitler), the Star of David (used by the Rothschilds), an upside down (satanic) pentagram pointing to the […]

Tucker Carlson: What we still don’t know about the Capitol riot

Where was the necessary security? How did the riot start? How did Officer Brian Sicknick die?  By Tucker Carlson | Fox News Tucker: Why are Democrats lying about how Capitol riot started? ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host reviews the facts behind the recorded casualties and origins of the Capitol breach It’s funny how change happens. You thought the […]