Stop the Steal

January 19, 2021

By Rick Fuentes

There’s something about the title of this article that really rubs Democrat socialists the wrong way.  It incites a level of anger and irrational behavior not seen since the MAGA clothing line hit the shelves.  For the Democrat party and their media acolytes, this catchphrase has been stretched thin to wrap around the recent violent and unlawful breach of the U.S. Capitol, now used as the black swan event to drive a stake through the heart of Trump conservatives (Omitting Republicans here is deliberate, as the backbone and fealty of the Grand Old Party has been compromised in ways that are difficult to understand and painful to watch).

“Stop the Steal” is not a call to violence, nor does it narrow upon a disputed election that will put the worst possible nominee of any presidential race in American history behind the Resolute Desk.  It represents a civil but firm opposition to a Democrat policy platform that seeks to wrench the foundations of democracy out from under our feet.

In the past year, the crawl of socialism in this country has become a full-out sprint acted out in anarchistic nightly displays on our city streets.  Political scientists and Marxist apologists assuage concerns with claims that socialism can coexist with capitalism. At what price and for how long?  Our schools, language, media, and workplaces have already willfully or unwittingly permitted this Orwellian drift to greater government control over our lives.  Standing athwart complete capitulation is our Bill of Rights, against which beltway Democrats and blue state governors, hiding behind the pandemic, have leveled a crippling broadside.

American Thinker readers are smarter than most who claim familiarity with the Bill of Rights and the Founding Fathers that brought them to life.  Notwithstanding, here’s a pared-down version of the top ten.  The First Amendment is speech and religion, Second is right to bear arms, Third is civilian authority over the military, Fourth is search and seizure, Fifth is due process, Sixth is criminal prosecutions, Seventh is jury trial, Eighth is cruel and unusual punishment, Ninth is rights retained by the people, and Tenth is state’s rights, to include calling and holding elections

With the help of the courts, the left has whittled away at these amendments for decades, although with less malevolence than we’ve seen in the last four years of the Trump administration.  There is now more than a whiff of smoke to show that each of these fundamental rights has been diminished, tossed aside, or outright trampled in an effort to paper them over with a socialist model of government, advance one-party rule, and to wield authority in perpetuity.

Campus-coddled academics and the media writ large have taken pains to soften the realities of life under socialism and indoctrinated generations of students.  How else could Bernie Sanders, the Senate’s longstanding Bolshevik who has functioned outside the two-party mainstream for thirty years and has seen the passage of only three of his more than 400 sponsored bills — two of them naming post offices — suddenly become the sweetheart of the country’s youngest voters?  Sanders’ second-place finish in a field of twenty-seven primary candidates was a warning shot that academia had effectively ripped the bloom of democracy off the rose and that socialism was a new force to be reckoned with in American politics.

The problem for Democrats is that a huge swath of the population are content with the Constitution and won’t gently yield the right to free elections.  A plurality of voters, to include more than three-quarters of Republicans, thirty percent of Democrats and quarter of all Independents, now have little to no faith that the recent presidential election was legitimate.  Prima facie voter fraud on an epic scale coupled with a cold shoulder from several high courts to eschew examination of the hard evidence suggests dirty tricks to deprive the fundamental right of the people to choose their own leader.  Chicanery at this height of federal and state government, if allowed to stand, is an open invitation to even greater levels of political misconduct.

Would the American government have accepted the legitimacy of a foreign election so contaminated?  When Nicolas Maduro won by a landslide against a massive populist movement, the United States and European Union said no.  Venezuela’s election irregularities bear semblance to our own, to include the omission of observers, and the manipulation of results.

The Democrats’ pyrrhic victory and seizure of power has now salted appetites for vengeance.  A highly disputed presidential election, coupled with Republican reticence, has put every Trump conservative at risk of hostility and persecution.  An ascendant Democrat party, strengthened by Republican hibernation, is now aligned in ideology and practice to cancel a conservative movement first articulated by Edmund Burke in 1790, brought to influence in American politics by William F. Buckley, Jr., in the early 1960s, and advanced by the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Using the Capitol breach as a pretense to censure all Trump supporters as insurgents, social media outlets are suspending or canceling the accounts of conservatives.  Deplatformed users are given anemic justifications that ironically overlook the existing accounts of the world’s most brutal regimes and thousands of their propaganda posts.  Rebooting a plot line from Revenge of the Nerds, the CEOs and their algorithm wizards at Facebook and Twitter are hard at work giving online wedgies to anyone who dares to question a Biden presidential victory.  Alternative blogging sites, such as Parler and Gab, are demonized as havens for right-wing miscreants and Amazon Web Services has shown a willingness to sever connections to sites that offer sanctuary to such views. Gone is all debate over partisan perceptions of hate speech.

After an election decided by hook and by crook, this is no longer just about power.  Eliminating conservative opposition through dogmatism is on full display.  While the president, all of his White House staff, Republican congressional representatives, and hundreds of thousands of Save America rally attendees have been harassed and blamed for the actions of an unlawful mob, there has been no atonement by Democrats and media pundits who have condoned, openly supported, or called for the year-long sacking of American cities and the murder of police officers.

Florida Congressman Brian Mast is a former Army explosives technician who lost both his legs in Afghanistan.  Last week, he exercised the powers given to him by oath to vote against the second impeachment of President Trump.  That got under the skin of CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who maligned Mast and his military service by suggesting that the Bronze Star vet had left his commitment to democracy on foreign soil. 

Josh Hawley, U.S. senator from Missouri, is a well-spoken political voice whose strength of conviction makes him a Republican standout.  His presence also puts him in the crosshairs of Democrats bent on denying conservatives any hope of an ideological leader in the wake of Donald Trump.  The cancel culture has therefore mounted a full-throttled campaign against him in the media and corporate world.  Simon & Schuster has refused to publish the book they, in fact, paid him to write.  Loews hotel management canceled a fundraiserscheduled for Hawley. If Benny Thompson, Democrat chair of the House Homeland Security Committee had his way, Hawley and other Republicans would be on the no-fly list.

The Democrats and their social media axis are also squaring off against conservative firebrands Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, and Matt Gaetz. Pages of results on popular internet search engines feature articles that put them in a bad light.  The sycophants at Google are far more flattering to queries of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

The endgame for Democratic socialism will appear in the guise of political “reform” that will prey upon the careers and livelihoods of every conservative legislator, writer, commentator, and blogsite.  Trump conservatives will increasingly become expats from their own government while a Republican apostasy goes the way of the Whigs.


One of the things I would thank President Trump for would be the way he was able to make all the enemies of God, the Bible, and the United States of America reveal and identify themselves. If it were not for Trump, would you know right now of the plan to silence Christians and Conservatives at the systemic level? Probably not. If it were not for Trump, Jerusalem would not now be recognized as the capital of Israel, and the US Embassy would still be marooned in Tel Aviv. If it were not for Trump, the stock market would not be soaring past 30,000 like it is right now. 


by Geoffrey GriderJanuary 18, 2021

If it were not for Trump, Jerusalem would not now be recognized as the capital of Israel, and the US Embassy would still be marooned in Tel Aviv.

Here we are, smack dab in the middle of the last 36 hours or so of the Donald J. Trump presidency, an era that began in chaos and is ending the way it started. Over the past four and one half years, I have probably written close to 100 articles on Donald Trump, and something tells me this is not going to be the last one either. But if I could get a word out to the president, and he is still very much the president, I would just have two words to say to him. Thank you.

“Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his:: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:” Daniel 2:20,21 (KJB)

One of the things I would thank President Trump for would be the way he was able to make all the enemies of God, the Bible, and the United States of America reveal and identify themselves. If it were not for Trump, would you know right now of the plan to silence Christians and Conservatives at the systemic level? Probably not. If it were not for Trump, Jerusalem would not now be recognized as the capital of Israel, and the US Embassy would still be marooned in Tel Aviv. If it were not for Trump, the stock market would not be soaring past 30,000 like it is right now. That’s a whole lot of winning.


Back in 2016, NTEB went way out on a limb and was one of the very few news outlets and said that Trump would win in a landslide. He did. We also said that it seemed to us that God had placed Donald Trump at the head of the most-powerful nation on earth to accomplish His will in these end times. Daniel 2:20,21 certainly proves that to be true. Kind of funny all these 20:21 verses in the Bible, and nearly all related to Bible prophecy in the end times. But I’m sure that’s just an ‘interesting coincidence’. Or maybe not.


America has been judged, the entire world is going through upheaval, and we stand on the precipice of implantable biometric devices, a digital currency, and the One World Religion of Chrislam. I am not going into what comes next cowering and afraid, I know Whom I have believed, and I trust Him with all my heart. I’m not going to run, not going to hide, not by a long shot. By God’s grace I am going to run into the fight, preaching and teaching the gospel of the grace of God as I go, and I invite you who are saved to come with me. We still have work to do.

“He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.” Revelation 22:20,21 (KJB)

The Song of Solomon shows us a lovely picture of the Pretribulation Rapture, taking place in the springtime, and I don’t know about you, but this Spring is starting to feel like it might be the one. I hope it is. Have you ever looked at how the Bible ends? It ends in Revelation 22 by reminding us of the precious promise made by Jesus Christ to come back and get His Bride the Church, which He purchased with His own blood at Calvary. And in yet another interesting coincidence, those two verses are 20 and 21.

“Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.”1 Corinthians 15:51;52 (KJB)

Socialists Claim Their System Is Morally Superior. They’re Wrong!

Authored by Bradley Thomas via The Mises Institute,

In a December 23 article published on, Lipton Matthews made the compelling case for advocates of free market capitalism to prioritize the moral superiority of capitalism rather than making the case for capitalism’s superior productivity.

“Demonstrating the impracticality of socialism is necessary, but is also an ineffective strategy to galvanize goodwill for capitalism, because objections to capitalism are usually predicated on moral grounds,” he wrote.

The most compelling case for economic freedom is not its economic efficiency but its consistency with fundamental moral principles, like voluntary exchange, property, and enhanced individual choice.

To libertarians and other free market supporters, the case is clear. But why do so many still insist that socialism is a morally superior system?

The term “socialism” was trending on Twitter on December 28 and 29, with the following tweet exemplifying the arguments made by many in support:

Selflessness. Meeting people’s needs. These are the characteristics that socialists use to describe their desired system. Nothing about productivity or wealth creation. Theirs is a purely emotional appeal to moral sensibilities.

It’s unwise to merely dismiss such adherents of socialism as being naïve or ignorant. Rather, an understanding of mankind’s historical development tells us that believing socialism to be the moral means of organizing society may be hardwired into our consciousnesses.

Early Moral Codes

In its most basic sense, morality is described as the principles defining “good” or “bad” behavior. But how does a society come to understand which is “good” or “bad” behavior?

In his 2012 article “The Origins of Envy,” published by the American Enterprise Institute, Max Borders cites Max Krasnow, a postdoctoral researcher specializing in evolutionary psychology at Harvard University, who informs us that emotions are “the coordinated response of diverse psychological and physiological systems to a class of stimuli.”

In other words, your brain reacts to things in the world around you, and these reactions have forged emotions in our brains over millions of years. This hardwiring of our emotions was developed based upon survival. And because each new generation can’t learn the right survival instincts from scratch, we have a certain level of emotional responses and learned behavior built into our cognitive systems. Think about reflexes such as jumping in fear when you think you see a snake—that response kicks in before your mind has a chance to reflect. This is a built-in instinct.

Societal Evolution

Throughout most of human history, mankind developed as small tribes of hunters and gatherers. Innate instincts were developed for survival purposes—creating the foundation for a moral code.

A certain set of moral rules emerged, largely because they enhanced the survival chances of the group. These rules were shaped by the primary characteristics of man’s environment. The small tribes people lived in were largely self-sufficient and were small enough to share the same goal (survival).

This moral code based on tribal instincts included these key characteristics:

  • Self-sacrifice (making oneself worse off to benefit another; a zero-sum exchange)
  • Intentionally helping others
  • Providing help to identifiable beneficiaries with shared goals (i.e., survival of the group)

In this setting of small tribes, it was quite reasonable to believe that anyone accumulating wealth was doing so only at the expense of others. Hunters and gatherers were only able to accumulate a finite amount of food to sustain the group. So if John managed to take and accumulate more than his “share” of the day’s food supply, he could do so only at the expense of lessening Jane’s allotment. Jane’s very survival would be threatened because she may not get enough calories to survive.

Tribal instincts established that for the good of the survival of the group (a common goal), John shares his fowl with Jane (intentionally helping an identifiable beneficiary) and gets nothing in return (zero-sum exchange).

Thus, a moral code was established in early, tribal man.

In their 2011 essay “Markets and Morality” in Cato Journal, economists J.R. Clark and Dwight R. Lee referred to this type of moral code as “magnanimous morality.”

They chose this terminology because it is very easy to praise this type of moral behavior, and it is easy to observe and trace the benefits of such self-sacrifice.

The instincts that developed from such scenarios formed emotions such as guilt and provided a foundation for the code of magnanimous morality. Tribes that developed these emotional and moral adaptations were more likely to survive than those that didn’t.

Notice how closely this primitive moral code tracks with the Twitter socialist’s emphasis on “selflessness” and “meeting people’s needs.”

The “Extended Order”

As mankind evolved into larger societies that developed a growing diversity of individual goals, division of labor, trade, and new moral codes of conduct emerged.

These new moral codes emerged because those practicing them were able to grow and prosper relative to other societies—given the changing social environment. These codes of just conduct were not consciously adopted or decreed by individuals—they evolved over countless generations.

The new moral code that emerged included:

  • Self-ownership (i.e., individual rights)
    • Refraining from harming others
  • Property rights
    • No one has an entitlement to the property or effort of another
  • Equality before the law
  • Free voluntary exchange

Recorded history over the last hundreds of years is crystal clear: those societies that adopted the above as priorities flourished far more than those that didn’t, and continue to do so.

In short, in order to successfully transition from small tribes to large-scale civilization, society must adapt to new rules of interaction; i.e., a new moral code.

Those still insisting that socialism is a morally superior system are appealing to innate moral instincts developed in primitive times, which many now recognize would spell disaster in today’s “extended order” of society. Inspired by Marx and Engels (among others), today’s socialists cling to a romanticized version of early tribal units that had to consciously share goods of value in order to survive.

Why Capitalism Is Necessary to Fulfill the Goals of Magnanimous Morality Favored by Socialists

As humankind evolves into large societies, the characteristics of magnanimous morality—as a means to organize society as a whole—break down, for several reasons:

  • The number of people we can meaningfully care for is small relative to the total population (i.e., there is a limited number of identifiable beneficiaries)
  • A wide diversity of skills and specialized efforts means a wide diversity of individual goals—not shared goals like in a small tribe
  • Zero-sum self-sacrifice (i.e., giving without getting anything in return) cannot expand to too many others without spelling one’s own demise. If you keep giving while getting nothing in return, eventually you will starve.
  • People cannot intentionally help others without knowing what their needs are
    • In a larger society, there are simply too many people to understand what each individual’s needs are
  • If economic exchanges were restricted only to those with whom we share personal bonds, the loss of gains from trades never occurring would drastically stymie economic growth

Instead, a competitive market based on private property better enables entrepreneurs to meet the needs of other individuals in a large, diverse society:

  • Individuals acquire wealth through producing and exchanging goods and services that others want
    • To receive, one must first give
    • Therefore, they must first take into consideration what others need
  • Prices, conveyed by the free exchange of private property, communicate the needs of those we don’t know. Consumers bid up the prices of those goods most in demand, which signals to entrepreneurs, enabling them to intentionally provide goods valued by others
  • People become wealthy by making others better off, not by making others worse off. Market exchanges are decidedly not zero sum.
  • In a market economy, one must serve others in society if he wants to acquire riches, even those he may not like
    • Cattle ranchers in Wyoming who may hate New Yorkers still get up early in the morning to produce beef that will be enjoyed by New Yorkers because the rancher wants to earn income
    • Relying on pure self-sacrifice would not achieve these results; forcing such sacrifice would not only violate our rights but foster resentment and tension


In order to win in the arena of ideas, it is critical to understand what motivates our opponents. Socialists are motivated by a moral code that was hardwired into our brains in primitive times, and are mistakenly translating it into a means of organizing a much more extended society than the one in which that moral code emerged.

Even granting the goals of “meeting people’s needs” and “selflessness” cherished by socialists, we can make the case that a competitive, property-based market economy is far superior at meeting those goals in modern civilization compared to a top-down, centrally controlled socialist system.

Communist takeover of the United States of America

By Boanerges January 11, 2021

The events of the last 9 months have accomplished something that no one realizes. The Communist Party of China has conquered our country without firing a single shot. In an eerie similarity to George Orwell’s 1984, the Party, is all that is left. No memories of history that the Party doesn’t condone exist. In fn fact it will be illegal to possess. No speech that the Party doesn’t condone will be allowed. No work for you if the Party doesn’t approve of your character. Re-education and Cleansing Programs with President Donald Trump being torn away from the memories of history and put into the dustbins of Emmanual Goldstein are happening right now. Demonizing nationalism, America First, Citizens First and God is happening now.

Ignorance is Strength. Books are banned. Art is banned. Movies are banned. Gatherings are banned. Newspapers and magazines are banned. Anything that the Party does not approve. There is no such thing as two genders. Marriage between a man and a woman is not sacred. Babies are not sacred. Family is not sacred. Soon the Bible will be banned. The Information Age has led to the greatest brainwashing of the masses ever imagined. Just about all drugs are legal in Oregon. Soon the entire country will be drugged. The Education system is pro communist and anti secular. Transvestite Book Reading hour for 8 year olds. Sexual education for 8 year olds that promote promiscuousness, homosexuality and hedonism. At 8 years old! These disgusting Virtue Signaling, sanctimonious people who know better than you control your children minds through marxist critical race theory and rewriting of history to what the Party wants you to believe.

Freedom is Slavery. The Democratic Socialist have conquered the Fascism breeding in Patriotism and Nationalism. They have identified the enemy, and they call them Patriots. They call them Trumpers. 75 million patriots. Big Tech and Main Stream Media have identified the enemy and have targeted their ideology by labeling them, deplorable, racist, misogynist, white supremacist, evangelical religious fanatics, stupid, hillbillies and rednecks.

Good is Bad and Bad is Good. White People and Christians are evil. Morals are now not of God’s teachings, but of pedophiles, homosexuals, and public policy of the Party.  Criminals are Protected and law biding citizens are the oppressors.  War is Peace. 42,000,000 babies were murdered in 2020. Eugenics, Abortions, Wars, Vaccines, are part of the population control.

Men are demonized for being masculine and woman are encouraged to be whores. Commitment to family and each other are scoffed at. Hedonism and selfishness is normal healthy behavior. Greed is the new God. Materialism is everything. Corporate America has sold its soul to China. Democrat Politicians have sold their soul to anyone who will pay. So has many Republicans. Racketeering and bribery rule the halls of Congress.

Soon the purges will start. Today the FBI warned that an unnamed group is planning armed protest across the country in the days ahead. It is always anonymous or unnamed groups and individuals. The national Guard has been deployed. Intelligence agencies on on alert. The military takeover by the communist is happening right now. Careers and lives will be destroyed in the name of Progressiveness. They already have. Communism, Socialism and Fascism are evil. 350 Million people at least have been murdered by these systems of government. That is not going to stop. Progressives know only one thing. Extinguishing the opposition by any means necessary. Look at Antifa. Armed and equipped. Look at the idiots that walked into the capitol. They do not look like an insurrection lead mob. They look like old hippies. Antifa looks like the Gestappo. Antifa looks like the brown shirts. Antifa looks like the fascist they pretend to hate. And what do they want to do. They want to burn down society. They want to destroy our institutions and history. They want what Saul Alinsky wants. The destruction of America. The destruction of Capitalism. The end of the FreeMarket and the free world. The only economic system in history to lift billions of people out of poverty in less than 100 years is now labeled tyranny and evil. That is the progressive ideology. And The Party is always right.

War is Peace. When you play in the Devils Playground you don’t come out whole. You lose part of your soul. When you unleash the Devil you can not put him back into his cage and close the door and lock him up when you want. The Devil is stronger today than ever before. But if you play with fire, you will be burned. North Korea has already started making more nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles as soon as the coup appeared complete. Iran has said they are building a nuclear bomb. The Democrats will allow them to do just that. Israels existence is now being targeted again. War is population control to these people. There is no justice. There is no mercy. There is no compassion. The devil has risen and the war on God is being waged through the Democrat Socialist Party. Nations fall and so do civilizations. The devil can conquer humans but the devil will not conquer God. And God will work through his chosen one’s to overcome the dark. The light shall never be extinguished.



All over America, Christian voices are right now being shut down as the radical Left is surging towards an unchecked and unbalanced reign of terror that is designed to turn America into a Marxist dystopia. And sites like NTEB and others that seek to expose this demonic agenda for what it is are right now under brutal attack. For the past 12 years, Now The End Begins has stood up to all these people, loudly and boldly proclaiming the gospel of the grace of God. We have warned of the coming battle, and it has now arrived. To which we say…TO THE FIGHT!!!


by Geoffrey GriderJanuary 11, 2021

NTEB has never been bigger than we are right now, God has given us unprecedent global influence for His glory, and we walk confidently forward as the battle rages. Thank you so very much for being a part of the NTEB global family of bible believers.

All over America, Christian voices are right now being shut down as the radical Left is surging towards an unchecked and unbalanced reign of terror that is designed to turn America into a Marxist dystopia. And sites like NTEB and others that seek to expose this demonic agenda for what it is are right now under brutal attack. For the past 12 years, Now The End Begins has stood up to all these people, loudly and boldly proclaiming the gospel of the grace of God. We have warned of the coming battle, and it has now arrived. To which we say…TO THE FIGHT!!!

“But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.” Acts 20:23,24 (KJB)

First off, let me say that if you donated to Now The End Begin through GoFundMe in the last week, that money is now being refunded to you by GoFundMe. They have now joined the Liberal hordes who are hell-bent on eradicating Christian and conservative thought and speech in these highly polarizing times we find ourselves in. But we will not quit, shirk from the fight or even slow down a tiny bit. In fact, as of this moment, we are planning on radically expanding the content we now offer. If you have made a donation over the past 5 days through GoFundMe, please pray about resending that donation to us through the mail.

“The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.” Exodus 15:3 (KJB)

What did we publish that violated the GoFundMe terms of service? No idea, maybe it was the one where we told you about the coming Biden Reich, maybe it was the article about the two gay men french-kissing over an oozing Cadbury Creme Egg? Maybe it was the one about all the people who are spontaneously dying after receiving the Pfizer COVID vaccine.  Take your pick, any one of a dozen articles we publish on a regular basis are capable of sending snowflake, God-rejecting Liberals into apoplectic fits of rage. Will we stop now that GoFundMe has not only removed our fundraiser but is now also preventing us from receiving the thousands of dollars that were donated over the past week? Nope. We are doubling down on the content, strike that, we are tripling down on the end times content we publish.

“Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” Joshua 1:9 (KJB)

Going forward, we will be podcasting at least one more day per week, most likely Wednesday, bringing us to 3, 90-minute podcasts per week. If we can raise enough money, I will do the Prophecy News Podcast 5 days per week. But regardless, it is highly likely you will see Wednesday added to the lineup, we are already doing a Wednesday evening Rightly Dividing bible study. Please pray for me that the Lord gives me wisdom and vision for the battle that has now come to us.


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“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!” Isaiah 52:7 (KJB)

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Now The End Begins is your front line defense against the rising tide of darkness in the last Days before the Rapture of the Church

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“Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;” Titus 2:13 (KJV)

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Communist China Owned Integrated Whale Media Investments Start their Purge.

Forbes Says It’s Targeting Trump Staffers and Their Future Employers

By Michael Dorstewitz    |   Sunday, 10 January 2021 02:23 PM

media and the Left aren’t satisfied with merely controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress in less than two weeks. They want revenge.

They also want to punish anyone who worked in the Trump administration and, to a lesser extent, the 45th president’s supporters.

On Thursday, in what was the most recent and possibly the most egregious example, Randall Lane, Forbes’ chief content officer, announced that Forbes Media was “holding those who lied for Trump accountable” in what he called “a truth reckoning.”

Lane claimed that the media group was taking this unprecedented action in response to the mob attack on Capitol Hill late Wednesday afternoon, which resulted in two deaths — a Capitol Police officer and a female U.S. Air Force veteran who was demonstrating that day.

Lane alleged that the president’s “lies-upon-lies, repeated frequently and fervently, provided the kindling, the spark, the gasoline” that led to the attack.

Lane then singles out five senior White House officials, whom he describes as “the people paid by the People to inform the People.”

He named former White House press secretaries Sean Spicer (currently co-host of Newsmax TV’s “Spicer & Co.”), Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Stephanie Grisham, as well as current spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany.

Lane also named Kellyanne Conway, senior counselor to the president.

So what does he propose?

“Simple,” he said. “Don’t let the chronic liars cash in on their dishonesty.”

He observed that previous White House spokesmen have reaped millions in royalties from book deals after they left, adding that “Trump’s liars don’t merit that same golden parachute.”

Acting more like a Mafia don than a media executive, Lane then threatened future employers: “Hire any of Trump’s fellow fabulists above, and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie.”

His short, 600-word rant is filled with hyperbole and outright misstatements of fact.

Lane uses the word “lie,” “lies,” “liar” or “lied” nine times in his piece — three times in the first paragraph alone.

There’s no reference to the fact that it was the previous president, not Trump, who was awarded PolitiFact’s “Lie of the Year.”

Nor does he acknowledge the daily claims for nearly four years on corporate media and by Democrats promoting the Russian collusion hoax.

What’s his remedy for accountability for that doozy?

Lane’s article sounds so unhinged the reader has to keep referring to the masthead to confirm that it’s indeed Forbes and not some far-left publication like Vox, Slate, or Raw Story.

And that it’s not an opinion columnist, but the company’s chief content officer who clearly states he is speaking for Forbes, not just himself.

 Forbes is seriously diminished by such cancel culture rantings, considering it has long been considered a respected business publication of its creator, B.C. Forbes, a tradition carried on by the late Malcom S. Forbes, and his son Steve, one of the country’s most noted conservatives.

Steve Forbes has been a strong supporter of Trump’s, endorsing in both 2016 and 2020.

The irony is explained by the fact Steve and the Forbes family no longer own Forbes the media company.

In fact, Forbes Media was sold six years ago to Integrated Whale Media Investments, which is based in Hong Kong, and which has since become a territory of mainland Communist China.

Forbes wasn’t the first to threaten future employers of Trump White House staffers.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested shortly after the November election that someone should begin compiling a list of Trump White House staffers.

“Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?” The New York Democrat asked.

“I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

Hari Sevugan, former senior spokesman for the Barack Obama presidential campaign, answered the call.

“You better believe it,” he replied. “We just launched the Trump Accountability Project to make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did.”

The Lincoln Project’s Stuart Stevens announced that it will also track former White House staffers.

“At @ProjectLincoln we are constructing a database of Trump officials & staff that will detail their roles in the Trump administration & track where they are now,” he tweeted Saturday.

“No personal info, only professional. But they will be held accountable & not allowed to pretend they were not involved,” he added.

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume offered a five-word analysis of the Lincoln Project effort.

“This will not end well,” he said.

Evidence Grows: ’20 Election Was Rigged

Patrick Byrne

November 24, 2020   5 min read

Decisive (but targeted, non-ubiquitous) election fraud occurred on November 3. What follows is an explanation and the evidence behind it.

  1. Starting in 1997, Smartmatic systems were developed in Venezuela with built-in functionality permitting precinct administrators to override security features it appeared to incorporate. Among the extraordinary privileges it gave administrators were abilities to:
    • shave votes continuously from one candidate to another;
    • batch ballots for later “adjudication” but which instead became a pool of votes that the administrator could simply assign to the candidate of choice;
    • generate blank ballots.
  2. Through a series of licensing agreements, bankruptcies, and corporate mergers and acquisitions, that code ended up in various US election systems (e.g., Dominion, ES&S) which (branding aside) still derive from Smartmatic (a.k.a. Sequoia).  Thus, they brought to US elections not only the generous functionalities permitting manipulation by administrators, but porous security, extending such powers to those abroad.[i]
  3. Since 2006 the fact that systems developed for Hugo Chavez were managing any US elections began striking some prescient Americans as unfortunate.[ii] Their trepidation was well-placed: on November 3, 2020 those systems were used strategically & aggressively to rig our election.
    • It was strategic in that it was not “widespread” but targeted at six locations[iii] which, if flipped, also would flip the swing states in which they are found (and thus, the electoral college);
    • It was aggressive for the simple reason that Trump broke their algorithm, because he was on his way to a win that exceeded their ability to overcome through minor cheats alone. It is for that reason that in those six locations the bad guys went full-on-goon (e.g., thugs intimidating observers, newspapers taped over windows, “water main breaks” shutting down counting then immediately reopened once Republican observers had departed, etc.)
  4. Three forms of evidence[iv] backing these claims dovetail perfectly;
    • Documentation of extraordinary privileges Dominion provides administrators;
    • Affidavits describing voters’ and workers’ experiences that match exactly what they would experience in precincts being gooned by the measures I describe;[v]
    • Data (such as that below)[vi] expressing outrageous statistical oddities (e.g., strings of thousands of sequential Biden votes that occur with quadrillion-to-1 improbability, ballot processing velocity spikes that were physically impossible given available site equipment) that coincide with windows of intense intimidation of and interference with those observing the voting and counting.
  5. In each of several swing states Biden achieved a come-from-behind victory with a margin in the tens-of-thousands of votes thanks to getting hundreds of thousands of votes through these measures.

Conclusion: Election 2020 is an egg that can’t be unscrambled.

[i] By way of example:

  • Dominions machines have glaring design flaws making them vulnerable to hacking. The machines have a slot on their motherboards that should be sealed with glue, but instead is left open: anyone with physical access to the machines can slide in the right chip for a few seconds, and that machine is thereafter completely compromised. In addition, there are R232 ports which would allow someone who accesses that port to connect and get root-level access to the machine without a password.
  • Dominion’s uses solarwinds network software. On December 13, the US government pulled solarwinds off all federal networks due to its massive security vulnerabilities.
  • Dominion’s servers are widely infected with QSnatch malware (see “CISA says 62,000 QNAP NAS devices have been infected with the QSnatch malware”, ZDNet, July 27, 2020). As poll-workers (e.g., administrators) log-in, QSnatch steals their credentials. Thus not only can administrators override (with no audit trail) election security in a precinct, so can anyone who steals those credentials (which, given the ubiquity of QSnatch on Dominion servers, happens everywhere). Dominion sends out software patches that continuously (deliberately?) allow QSnatch to beat their patches.
  • Dominion uses SolarWinds networking software. On December 13, the federal government issued an emergency directive to all federal agencies to mitigate the profound network compromises brought by SolarWinds:

[ii] In a 2006 New York Times article (“U.S. Investigates Voting Machines’ Venezuela Ties”), Brad Golden wrote:

“The federal government is investigating the takeover last year of a leading American manufacturer of electronic voting systems by a small software company that has been linked to the leftist Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chávez. The inquiry is focusing on the Venezuelan owners of the software company, the Smartmatic Corporation, and is trying to determine whether the government in Caracas has any control or influence over the firm’s operations…”

In 2008, VoterAction (an activist group based in Massachusetts and Washington State) issued a public report (“SEQUOIA VOTING SYSTEMS, INC. USES VOTE-COUNTING SOFTWARE DEVELOPED, OWNED, AND LICENSED BY FOREIGN-OWNED SMARTMATIC, A COMPANY LINKED TO THE VENEZUELAN GOVERNMENT OF HUGO CHÁVEZ”) where they noted:

“U.S. national security is potentially at risk because software used to count votes in 20% of the country during U.S. elections is owned and controlled by a Venezuelan-run company with ties to the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chávez,1 which has been described as ‘the foremost meddler in foreign elections in the Western hemisphere.’2 Foreign-owned and foreign-run Smartmatic’s control over vote counting software used in the voting machines of Sequoia Voting Systems… presents a potential national security risk now just as it did in 2006 when the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS”) opened an investigation of Smartmatic’s ownership of Sequoia.3 CFIUS is a U.S. government inter-agency committee led by the U.S. Department of Treasury that addresses national security risks posed by foreign ownership of or influence over U.S. business, including companies providing the means by which voters in the U.S. elect their President and Congressional Representatives.4 Rather than answer to CFIUS regarding the ultimate owners of the Smartmatic conglomerate5 and its ties to the Chávez government, an investment group led by Sequoia management reportedly bought Sequoia from Smartmatic in late 2007 under terms that were not made public.6 Since then, however, it has come to light that Smartmatic continues to own the software that counts the votes on Sequoia voting machines and licenses to Sequoia that software, which Smartmatic develops in Venezuela.7 Concern, now, is that Smartmatic’s sale of Sequoia “was fraudulent”,8 “a sham transaction designed to fool regulators.”9 Efforts to date have not succeeded in determining the ultimate owners of Smartmatic or the extent to which Smartmatic and the Chávez government of Venezuela have influence over U.S. elections through Smartmatic’s control of the software that counts votes for Sequoia voting machines…”

See also this 2015 Philippines TV interview where Smartmatic’s chairman Mark Malloch-Brown (who, oddly enough, also serves as Vice-Chairman of George Soros’s investment fund and Open Society Institute) initially danced around such Venezuelan connections (note his oh-so-careful parsing of words in this regard) before eventually acknowledging a licensing arrangement between Dominion and Smartmartic.

[iii] Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Maricopa County Arizona (Greater Phoenix), Clark County Nevada (Greater Las Vegas).

[iv] Due to my impatience waiting for these facts to bubble up through legal proceedings, and due to the extraordinary nature of the circumstances, I felt it was appropriate to create on article and get it live as soon as possible in order to make the Big Picture available to the public, then add charts and links and other evidence as time and opportunity allowed. As a result, I first posted this essay on the evening of Monday, November 23 and since then have been adducing further evidence since then. That way there will be one article that both tells the story succinctly, yet also gathers in one place much detail backing my claims.

[v] By way of example: Sharpie/Bic switcheroos experienced in Maricopa precincts reflect a wish to generate a large pool of “adjudicated ballots” for administrators, who could drag-and-drop them later to Candidate Biden.




October 22 Maricopa County election official: “…we’ve heard you and we know you’re hearing issues and concerns about the Sharpie Markers. We NEED to use Markrs on Election Day, but for now and through 11/2 hand voters a Ballpoint Pen. You have plenty of pens in your supplies right now…Please message this to your inspectors and ensure they cascade this change down to everyone on the Board…”


A Big Move to Ban Realtor ‘Hate Speech.’ At Work. Anywhere. 24/7.

The National Association or Realtors’ new ban on “hate speech” extends beyond work activities into its 1.4 million members’ private lives.

By John Murawski, RealClearInvestigations
January 8, 2021

In what some consider one of the most far-reaching social policy moves in the corporate world, the National Association of Realtors, called the nation’s largest trade organization, has revised its professional ethics code to ban “hate speech and harassing speech” by its 1.4 million members.

Under the new policy, real estate agents who insult, threaten or harass people based on race, sex, or other legally protected characteristics can be investigated, fined or expelled. Its online training sessions offer a glimpse at how difficult the rules can be to enforce.NAR

The sweeping prohibition applies to association members 24/7, covering all communication, private and professional, written and spoken, online and off. Punishment could top out at a maximum fine of $15,000 and expulsion from the organization.

Mary Wagner, a Buffalo real estate agent who is white and lesbian, says the move, announced in November, fits her vision for creating a fairer society. She predicts thousands of complaints this year, given the realtor association’s enormous size and the overheated climate of social media.

“I was thrilled to hear it,” Wagner said in a phone interview. “I think it’s long overdue.”

NAR’s decision, allowing any member of the public to file a complaint, has alarmed other real estate agents, and also some legal and ethics experts, who say the hate speech ban’s vagueness is an invitation to censor controversial political opinions, especially on race and gender. While that’s not the association’s stated intention, the skeptics say their fears are justified by the hyperactive “cancel culture” online that has jettisoned hapless workers for posting “all lives matter” and objecting to gay marriage.

“The dam has broken and other organizations will look at this,” predicted Robert Föehl, a professor of business ethics and business law at Ohio University.

“If this is good for real estate agents, why not attorneys, why not doctors?” Föehl said. “They’re going to be pressured to do what NAR has done. And that pressure is going to be very real, because what organization wants to argue they should allow hate speech by their members?”

Charlie Oppler, NAR president: Apologizes for NAR’s historic role in housing discrimination and redlining.NAR

A week after the association approved the ban, its president, Charlie Oppler, profusely apologized for NAR’s historic role in housing discrimination and redlining, the former practice of denying loans to buyers in certain neighborhoods based on their race, during an online fair-housing summit. NAR is still a predominantly white organization, where African Americans account for just 6% of members.

NAR’s hate speech policy is noteworthy because it sweeps up 1.4 million people under an ethics standard that explicitly places limits on private speech, to be adjudicated through formal procedures. The organization’s new policy provides an avenue for the NAR to investigate, fine – and potentially expel – real estate agents who insult, threaten or harass people or social groups based on race, sex, gender or other legally protected characteristics.

“It is taking something that’s been happening on a kind-of informal and occasional basis – indeed, people do sometimes end up losing jobs because of their political expression – and shifting it to something that’s institutionalized, that’s bureaucratized, and that’s being enforced through quasi-legal tribunals,” said Eugene Volokh, a UCLA law professor who specializes in the First Amendment.

Volokh said such policies pose significant risks for abuse, and should be assessed not for their good intentions but for their potential to misfire.

Eugene Volokh, UCLA School of Law: “What we’re talking about is a new blacklist.” He says the NAR is “trying to deploy the organized economic power of this group in order to suppress dissenting political views among members.”UCLA School of Law/Wikipedia

“What we’re talking about is a new blacklist,” Volokh said. “One of the things that’s troubling about the National Association of Realtors’ position is that it is trying to deploy the organized economic power of this group in order to suppress dissenting political views among members.”

In the current climate of cancel culture and vigilante justice on Twitter, where a single misdeed can become amplified into the defining act of one’s life, some real estate agents fear the new speech code will be used to censor agents who express disapproval of affirmative action, gay marriage, transgender pronouns, Black Lives Matter, undocumented immigrants or other politicized issues. Such concerns were validated last month by a federal judge who struck down an anti-discrimination speech code imposed on Pennsylvania lawyers, saying that the ban’s vagueness amounted to open season on politically unpopular opinions.

NAR’s speech code has sowed such confusion and anxiety among the rank-and-file that NAR plans to issue “case interpretations” this year to reassure its members and offer guidance on what is and isn’t allowed.

Among those caught up in the uncertainty are real estate agents who are Christian preachers or Sunday school teachers, or anyone who expresses traditional religious views on gender and sexuality that are out of vogue in some circles today.

“We’re getting a lot of people asking about whether or not they can say that they are against gay marriage,” NAR staffer Diane Mosley said during an online training session on Nov. 30. “Specifically, if they can back it up with Scriptures, or say it in a sermon.”

The association’s speech code is still being hashed out, and in a very public way, thanks to Zoom. While the initial debate and votes by its Professional Standards Committee and board of directors were conducted in secret, NAR’s subsequent monthly online training sessions offer a glimpse at how such rules come into being, how difficult they can be to interpret and to enforce – and what other corporations and organizations can expect if they follow NAR’s example.

Matt Defanis, point man on the new speech code: “Colleagues, remember: We quite literally drew the color lines.”NAR

“Are we worried about losing members? We may, but I’m certainly not losing sleep over that,” said Matt Difanis, the Champaign, Ill., broker who chairs NAR’s Professional Standards Committee, in a Dec. 16 training session.

“We want being a Realtor to mean something,” Difanis stated, “and if somebody says, ‘I feel so strongly about continuing to have access to hate speech on demand that I don’t want to be a Realtor anymore’ – okay.”

NAR did not make Difanis, who is white and serves as its point man on the new speech code, available for an interview; all his comments in this article were taken from two hour-long training sessions and one eight-minute explanatory video available online.

In these recordings, Difanis makes an impassioned plea to the nation’s Realtors, citing the moral debt he says the real estate industry has incurred as a leading participant in the perpetuation of racism in the 20th century.

“Colleagues, remember: We quite literally drew the color lines. Our fingerprints as Realtors are all over the redlining maps, which decades – 52 years – after Fair Housing became the law of the land, those Fair Housing maps still scar our landscape by continuing to define color lines in our residential housing patterns,” Difanis said.

A Wider National Remorse on Race

His collective mea culpa echoes the remorse and anguish other organizations, most notably universities, have expressed for their historical role in profiting from slavery and segregation. It also evokes the personal penitence expressed in recent months by corporate chief executives for their own white privilege and cluelessness about how systemic racism has benefited them personally. 

“I view it as a moral imperative,” Difanis said. “I won’t live long enough to see us undo the economic damage that we inflicted in the years that predate Fair Housing.”

NAR membership offers access to training, education and networking, as well as the privilege of referring to oneself as a “Realtor,” NAR’s pedigreed title for its members that the organization has trademarked.

NAR membership is required to gain access to the Multiple Listing Service. “If I were to lose access to that it would potentially devastate my ability to perform my career duties,” a Realtor commented.Perenic/Columbus Dispatch/AP

NAR does not issue real estate licenses – that function is the domain of state licensing boards – so expulsion is not an automatic banishment from the profession. But in many parts of the country, NAR membership is required to gain access to the Multiple Listing Service, a searchable online database that sorts available real estate properties by parameters such as square footage, acreage, architectural style and much more. “If I were to lose access to that it would potentially devastate my ability to perform my career duties,” a Realtor commented on NAR’s Facebook page.

The complaints and cases, which are to be adjudicated like mini-trials with evidence and lawyers, will be assigned to some 1,100 local NAR associations across the country, but many of the locals delegate the ethics reviews to state associations. The legalistic procedures set NAR’s internal process apart from employers who impulsively jettison employees as liabilities to appease the Twitter mob.

However, the local and state chapters don’t have to report total complaints, dismissals and resolutions to the national office, so it won’t be known how the new policy is playing out and if local chapters are issuing wildly inconsistent decisions or dismissing legitimate complaints. NAR can’t say how many complaints have been filed since the hate speech ban was adopted Nov. 13.

All hate speech complaints and decisions against Realtors would be confidential so there would be no public knowledge of a case against someone, unless the Realtor or another person disclosed it. But as part of the new speech code, NAR now requires its local and state associations to notify the state licensing authority that a Realtor violated the “public trust” if an ethics complaint led to a finding that the Realtor was guilty of hate speech in the course of a real estate transactionAdditionally, it is possible that state laws and brokerage policies in some parts of the country may also require a Realtor to disclose the accusation or the adjudication to the brokerage for whom they work.

Föehl noted that private employers have a legal incentive to make sure employees’ social media activity isn’t contributing to a discriminatory or hostile work environment, but it’s virtually unheard of for a membership organization to adopt such a restrictive policy with respect to its members.

“It feels unprecedented,” Föehl said. “The stretch and reach into the personal lives of the association members is a very intrusive move.”

Private employers and membership organizations are not bound by the First Amendment. And private employers are protected by the “at will” employment doctrine that allows them to fire workers for arbitrary reasons (as long as they are not discriminating based on race, sex, religion or other protected classes). About two dozen states have laws limiting the ability of a private employer from firing a worker for political speech or other personal conduct the boss might not personally like.

‘Sword of Damocles’ Over Pennsylvania Lawyers

Nevertheless, there are signs that the expansion of such policies may be bumping up against other rights. Last month, a federal court struck down a professional conduct rule for Pennsylvania lawyers; the rule stated that it is professional misconduct for a lawyer to express or engage in bias, prejudice, harassment or discrimination. The rule was limited to “the practice of law” but it expanded that concept, adding continuing education, seminars, conferences and bar association activities where education credits are offered.

The rule was challenged by Zach Greenberg, a staff attorney for the conservative Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), who said it would expose him to endless ethics complaints because his work often involves describing and citing examples of speech many people find hateful and offensive, including the N-word or expressions such as “God hates fags.”

The judge agreed, saying the Pennsylvania ban was too vague and would “hang over Pennsylvania attorneys like the sword of Damocles.”

“The big issue with these rules is that they create unbridled discretion for organizations to enforce the rules however they like,” Greenberg said by phone. “That’s a really dangerous game they’re playing because the question of what is offensive is really in the eye of the beholder.”

The NAR prohibition states: “Realtors must not use harassing speech, hate speech, epithets, or slurs based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.” NAR plans to assess context as much as content when evaluating speech that is subject of a complaint. NAR’s intention is to target what Difanis calls “weaponized hate speech, the sort of stuff that gets turned on like a blowtorch and aimed against other people.”

Difanis said the speech code is not intended to penalize expressions of religious belief or public policy, or comments that someone happens to find politically disagreeable, personally upsetting or generically offensive – for example: inadvertently misgendering someone.

While the ban applies to all hate speech – written and spoken – it will require “clear and convincing” evidence to prove in a hearing, he said. And it equally protects people who are white, male and Christian from a Realtor’s hate speech, he noted.

Cory Kammerdiener, Christian minister and realty brokerage owner in Texas, on discussing beliefs about homosexuality: “There’s people that are believers that may say, ‘Hey, I can’t talk about these things?’ No, that’s not what it’s saying.”

Those protections give peace of mind to Cory Kammerdiener, a nondenominational Christian minister in Spring, Tex., who owns and employs about a dozen Realtors and contractors.

Kammerdiener, who is biracial, believes that the Scriptures teach that homosexuality is an unnatural sexual act, similar to premarital sex, adultery and pornography. But he says that a real estate license obligates agents to treat all people equally regardless of sexual preference or gender identity.

“There’s people that are believers that may say, ‘Hey, I can’t talk about these things?’” Kammerdiener said. “No, that’s not what it’s saying.”

His understanding is that an opinion becomes hate speech only “if you’re weaponizing it – which is a term you’re going to see they use over and over – which results in hurting or alienating another person, like, ‘Hey, you’re going go to hell.’”

A white Realtor, Tracy Watson of Fuquay-Varina, N.C., suggested that the new speech code should trouble no one except those who are prone to get in trouble.

“Before I got into real estate I worked in the corporate field and I was held to the same standards,” Watson said by email. “I think those that need to worry about the change may need to take a look as to why.”

NAR’s speech code was prompted by a spike in reports this year of Realtors posting racist and homophobic comments on social media, causing a huge embarrassment to the organization and frustration that the group was powerless to discipline its members.

The examples Difanis cited offer some clues as to what could be considered hate speech. That includes one Realtor’s post: “I think black people bring out the worst in us.” And another post: “We always knew black people were violent – they are not Christian.”

Realtors also used the N-word and other epithets, which Difanis repeated in the video. In one case, a Realtor waved an assault rifle on camera saying he was eager to shoot looters and protesters.

Difanis, whose Illinois brokerage firm employs about 60 Realtors, said he has fired two agents this year, one for making “racially insensitive comments on social media” and the other for making “an outright racist slur in a comment thread on a public figure page.” Both agents had no trouble finding work with other brokers.

“There’s nothing that prevents them from being picked right back up, reaffiliating and staying in the marketplace with no actual sanctions,” Difanis said.

Difanis described the process of evaluating ethics complaints as “making judgment calls within procedural guardrails,” to be undertaken by hundreds of local panels, usually comprising three or five Realtors.

“We can’t give you the ‘Here’s the words you can’t say or use, and if it’s one of these words they’re in violation, and if it’s not it’s not,’” Difanis said. “It doesn’t work that way.”

And this uncertainty is that causes angst in the profession and beyond.

“We live in an era where there’s a lot of witch hunts going on,” said Rebecca D’Angelo, a white Realtor in Richmond who doesn’t oppose NAR’s new policy. “There’s a lot to keep up with these days on who you’re offending.”