Democrat Socialist are Fascist

Fighting to Win

How to defeat the Pelosi-Biden fascists.Wed May 5, 2021 David Horowitz6 comments

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We are losing the ideological war with the Democrats who are busily creating a one-party state by destroying the Supreme Court, abolishing the Electoral College, eliminating  voter I.D.s, flooding the polls with unsolicited mail-in ballots, demonizing opponents as “insurrectionists” and traitors, de-platforming presidents and prominent conservatives, banning books they find “offensive,” conducting witch-hunts of conservatives in the military, in the Capitol police, in the Department of Homeland Security, and turning our schools into indoctrination centers for anti-American, racist ideologies. Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project are now the curricula in thousands of K-12 schools. The crackpot racism of these theories  turns our national heritage upside down, caricaturing Americans as slaveocrats and racists rather than as the leading defenders of freedom and equality in the world.

These people cannot be stopped by calling them “liberals.” Nancy Pelosi has no compunction about calling all Republicans “enemies of the state.” Sixty-one percent of her fellow Democrats regard Republicans as racists and white supremacists thanks to the vindictive bigotry and lies of Democrat leaders and their media allies.  Democrats are vindictive bigots and fascists. Call them that. Their goal is to criminalize their opponents and establish a one-party state. Their chief weapon is racist slander of anyone who opposes them – “white supremacy” if you’re white, “Uncle Tim” if you’re black. They are anti-black racists who conflate the criminal element in the black community with the black community itself. How sinister is that? Black Americans will be the chief victims of de-funding the police. The law-abiding black community has already rejected them. According to Gallup, 80% of blacks support maintaining and increasing the funding of police.

Why are Republicans so reluctant to confront Democrat racism? Why are they reluctant to use the word “traitors” for a party that funds Palestinian terrorists and favors Iranian Nazis, blows up America’s borders in the midst of a global pandemic and privileges illegal aliens and criminals over law abiding American citizens? Why isn’t it treason to systematically attack America’s constitutional order, and its revolutionary founding, aid and abet America’s enemies, and attack the integrity of America’s electoral system.

The racism of the Democrat Party is its Achilles heel. Fight fire with fire. Focusing on Democrat racism will turning the political debate around and put the Democrat slanderers on the defensive. Democrats control every major inner city in America, and have for fifty to a hundred years; every killing field – Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Minneapolis. Every injustice real or imagined in the inner cities, Democrats are 100% responsible for. The oppressor of inner city minorities is not “white supremacy;” it’s the flesh and blood racist, pro-criminal officials of the Democrat Party.

It’s time for Republicans to join their supporters in fighting back.

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