The Performative Art of White Virtue Signaling is Modern Racism

By Torrance Stevens PHD April 30, 2021

 I was blessed to have attended most likely the best college in the nation, Morehouse College. There I met like minded young men who were Black, yet we were not defined by our Blackness. See we all revered the teachings and lessons bestowed upon us by one of our greatest alumni, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ours was a standing built on the value of character and personal responsibility as opposed to hatred and victimhood. Every one of the fine men I attended Morehouse with abide by a simple appearance of the belief that our effort and potential was more significant in our success than the color of our skin and our actions showed such. We all knew that we were Black but never saw our self as Black primarily. We described ourselves first by our individualism, our intellect, effort and hard work.  We all came from different environments but more so than race, the singular commonality we found pride in was our work ethic and desire for greatness and success for we had learned from the men and women in our lives that hard work and work ethic made strong men. We were told in those early days in Sale hall to “look to our left, and to look to our right” and understand that the person next to us may not be there the following year or even the following semester. This was not due to the color of ones skin, but rather that in reality, some people perform better than others, make better choices and have a penchant to be the best regardless of immutable biological characteristics adorned at birth that one cannot control. Yes, we knew that we were Black, but before that, we knew we were capable, competent, smart and just as good – if not better – than anyone else point-blank period.Now some 40 years later since I matriculated at Morehouse, I see that a new motion that is based on racist dogma, is making head winds that obviates all that I was taught as a child regarding my agency and potential. I do not ascribe to it and it is not representative of men of my generation who have now become pillars in the Black community. We remain steadfast in teaching our children that race is not a hindrance to success or greatness and that life is what you put into it. However, people who are not Black, continue to be dead set on promoting stereotypes that have no purpose of empowering the Black community but rather to debilitate and exploit it. The only thing they offer is designed to cater to and/or exploit the weaknesses of Blacks as a collective. This is basic pandering.In general terms pandering is not a good look and the largest group of panders presently in the US occupy big urban areas and are typically well-to-do people educated at colleges and universities that run on average a minimum of $50,000 a year. They mainly do it for votes, using us like a pimp uses hoes. Typically, these volcanic carbonated water drinking vegans live amongst themselves in mostly white enclaves in places like New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and other similar locations in ritzy districts that are lily white. This is understandable for they themselves are lily white narcissist who venerate their hyper emotional hysteria and histrionics to a basic principle of if you do not agree with me then you are a terrorist racist bigot. These people have even managed to convince themselves that twitter represents the entire country when in fact most users of the medium (which I have been permanently banned from) are from the east and west coast and represent around 20 percent of all US citizens.Through their fixation on woke lectures pertaining to race, in a cultish aspect, theirs has become a secular religion replete with blind zealotry. They read from the prayer book of woke and believe and look at Blacks and other minorities (maybe except for Asians) as people without individual personal agency or ability to be, live and exist as a normal American citizen. This is the epitome of racism, or the belief that one race is better than another based on skin color. Even worse – that I am afforded the comportment of knowing what you feel, experience and what is best for you than you do yourself because I am white and can help you.  Sadly, they are vapid portals of digested and empty word salads of ideas that they are unaware they maintain. They cannot see that the policies they vote and advocate for do more harm to Black communities than any others because of our history of democrat black codes, Jim Crow, Welfare and Omnibus Crime Bills – this not including slavery. When we send our children to failing schools that underperform, instead of allowing parents to use their tax money to send their children to schools that educate kids, they vote against school choice. If you overtly want to lower education standards or think Blacks cannot do math like anyone else, you are being overtly racist. Yes suggesting one cannot do something due to pigmentation not only suggest that we are inferior because of our race but also incapable reflects racism in the pure context of eugenics. Nothing screams racist more than liberal white folk than defining individual personal agency based on skin color. This may be why when people speak out against this nonsense they instantly scream (tweet) you are either an Uncle Tom or white supremacist racist. This is the description of the true racist – that folks should hold or have certain beliefs based on the color of their skin alone.Seems as those that are always talking about ending discrimination are the most racist of all. White liberals want you, if you are Black or any other minority, to think any obstacle or problem we incur is racist and consequently, America will always be racist. They have a savior complex that is replete with direct bias. It serves no purpose for anyone other than them because it is just employed to exploit power. They need Blacks to see and think of ourselves as victims that they must and can only save to rid them of their white guilt complex. When we are successful, we no longer can fit in their racist narrative. They may claim they want us to succeed, but when we do, they say we have fallen victim to the supremacy of the white patriarchy.To keep it real. when I was growing up, the mantra of “you can do whatever you set your mind to” was common and accurate. It was as if you don’t achieve something big in your life it was on you. Now, it’s the direct opposite. Everyone’s a victim, and if you say otherwise, you’re a racist. They question is never asked: Why is it that other racial and ethnic groups don’t respond this way? Jews have been victimized over centuries in every possible way and yet don’t see themselves as primarily victims. And what about Chinese immigrants to the US who were openly discriminated against, Japanese who were interned during WWII, and even Irish immigrants mistreated in various ways – you know “no dogs or Irish admitted.” Is there a lesson here?This new ethic (rather artistic expression) of progressive white virtue signaling wants to maintain the purview that Blacks will forever be helpless imbeciles and folk, if you know me, I don’t get down like that. Personally, I am better than everybody I know. Albeit I can’t prove such, I believe such – this is the American spirit. It is the same spirit that says you might can beat my azz, but I don’t believe it. I am not like these other cats who try and gain status by celebrating their victim status because pity is weakness when compared to how hard one works and assuming personal responsibility.This white liberal virtue signal ethic now seems to have entirely become a moral system where the most victimized person is the most moral. Why? I guess they need Blacks to believe they cannot achieve anything without the help of racist who continue the racist legacy of the democrat party. They ignore when they proclaim defund or abolish the police it will be our communities and not theirs who will suffer the full brunt of criminal activity – we all know most crime is committed by young black men without fathers who fail in school but they advocate for the destruction of the patriarchy in the form of fathers in the home to assist in raising their kids. Dismantling the police won’t hurt them as they live behind their gated communities with private security, but it will us as they try to ban basic firearms and tax ammunition. Fact is you don’t get less crime when bail reform lets violent criminals back into the Black community, but I digress.While my friends and I teach our kids, they can be anything they want to be and to be the best, these white elite virtue signalers whisper in the other ear that they can’t, merely because of their skin color. They clearly are antagonistic to the success of Black children and portend that they do such because they are anti-discrimination. The reality is this is pure racism in practice. To speak factually, they want to maintain the status quo, they want to keep Blacks thinking we are victims and want us to see racism everywhere, each day, behind all corners even when it isn’t there. My homeboys I grew up with in Memphis and the cats I went to school with at Morehouse are the never bend never break type. Fck systemic racism, fck white supremacists, that shi# don’t fade us because we live on our merritt and no white person or anyone for that fact makes us think we can’t achieve what we want. Those that suggest such are true racist for racist believe that race is the basic determinant of all human traits and ability. Yes, slavery was a trauma and we as black people have faced serious obstacles to participation in the American experiment. But it works. I lived in Africa for years but when I come home, I don’t fear stepping on a land mine or drinking water out the faucet for risk of death. So, if you can, be straight up white people who virtue signal, you don’t want Blacks to succeed because it will destroy your narrative. As such you progressives will have to be called out for the fake folk you are: the ones who hold their purse tighter when I get on an elevator, or call police on Blacks folk having a bar-bq or better yet, a black man watching birds in central park – that’s right, you donated to the Obama campaign so all is forgiven.

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