President Trump discusses bombshell revelations in Flynn case in exclusive interview with Maria Bartiromo

By Talia Kaplan | Fox News

Trump: Unmasking of Flynn is greatest political scam in history of our country

President Trump sits down with ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ anchor Maria Bartiromo to discuss the Michael Flynn unmasking case.

President Trump called the Russia Probe “the greatest political crime in the history of our country, ” and labeled his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn a hero, in an exclusive interview that aired Sunday with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo

Trump’s comments, during the interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” come after the Justice Department this month moved to drop its case against Flynn, in a stunning development that follows internal memos being released and raises serious questions about the nature of the investigation that led to Flynn’s late 2017 guilty plea of lying to the FBI.

“They [FBI agents] weren’t after General Flynn. They wanted him to lie about me, make up a story,” Trump told Bartiromo. “And with few exceptions, nobody did that.” 

He added, “If I were a Democrat instead of a Republican, I think everybody would have been in jail a long time ago; and I’m talking with 50-year sentences.” 

“It is a disgrace what’s happened,” he continued. “This is the greatest political scam, hoax in the history of our country.” 

Trump went on to say that “people should be going to jail for this stuff and hopefully a lot of people are going to have to pay.

“No other president should have to go through [this] and I’ll tell you, General Flynn and others are heroes,” Trump continued. 

Trump also reacted to top Obama administration officials, including former Vice President Joe Biden, purportedly requesting to “unmask” the identity of Flynn — whose calls with the former Russian ambassador during the presidential transition were picked up in surveillance and later leaked.

The list of names was revealed after it was declassified in recent days by Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell and then sent to GOP Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson, who made the documents public.

The unmasking concerns events between the November 2016 election and Inauguration Day 2017.


Unmasking occurs after U.S. citizens’ conversations are incidentally picked up in conversations with foreign officials who are being monitored by the intelligence community. The U.S. citizens’ identities are supposed to be protected if their participation is incidental and no wrongdoing is suspected. However, officials can determine the U.S. citizens’ names through a process that is supposed to safeguard their rights.

The list revealed that then-U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power made unmasking requests seven times between Nov. 30, 2016 and Jan. 11, 2017. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made three requests from Dec. 2, 2016 through Jan. 7, 2017; and that former CIA Director John Brennan made two requests, one on Dec. 14 and one on Dec. 15, 2016. Former FBI Director James Comey also made a request on Dec. 15, 2016. On Jan. 5, 2017, then-Chief of Staff Denis McDonough made one request, and on Jan. 12, 2017, Biden made one request.

“This was all Obama. This was all Biden. These people were corrupt,” Trump told Bartiromo. “The whole thing was corrupt and we caught them.”

Trump went on to say that “they never thought” that they would get “caught in the act,” adding that “they got sloppy.”Video

Trump elaborated, telling Bartiromo that he thinks “Comey is a corrupt person… Brennan[is] bad. They’re all bad. Clapper is not a smart guy in charge of intelligence.” 

“But here’s the thing: It was impossible for it to happen without the man that sits right in that chair in the Oval Office. He knew everything,” he continued. 

Bartiromo then asked Trump, “Do you believe President Obama directed the U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on you?”

“Yes, he probably directed them, but if he didn’t direct them, he knew everything,” Trump said in response. 

Trump then brought up text messages between FBI paramours Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, which included an exchange about preparing talking points for Comey to give to President Obama, who wanted “to know everything we’re doing.” The pair both worked at one point for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

“Remember the Lisa Page text to her lover saying ‘POTUS wants to see everything?’ They’re not talking about me. I wasn’t president. They’re talking about POTUS wants to see everything,” Trump told Bartiromo.

Trump added that “if this happened to Obama instead of me everybody would be in jail for years already.” 

“It’s a disgraceful thing,” he continued. “But we caught them in the act. It’s a beautiful thing. And every day we’re seeing more and more information come out.”

Trump went on to say that “Comey and all these guys” were “guarding the fort.”

“And once they left, it got easier and easier and now it’s like an avalanche of really bad, call it treason, call it whatever you want, but they tried to take down a duly elected president of the United States,” he said.Video

Trump also brought up Biden’s appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” last weekwhere the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said that he was “aware” at the time of the investigation started by Obama administration officials into Flynn.

During the interview, ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos pressed Biden, questioning whether he attended the Oval Office meeting on Jan. 5, 2017, where Flynn apparently was discussed.

In response Biden said, “I was aware that there was—that they asked for an investigation, but that’s all I know about it, and I don’t think anything else …”

“He could barely speak,” Trump told Bartiromo, referencing Biden’s interview on ABC. “He was on ‘Good Morning America’ right? And he said he didn’t know anything about it… right after he said that, it gets released that he was one of the unmaskers, meaning he knew everything about it, so he lied to your friend George Stephanopoulos.”

Obamagate Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

by Tyler DurdenSat, 05/16/2020

Authored by David Harsanyi via The National Review,

Those sharing #Obamagate hashtags on Twitter would do best to avoid the hysterics we saw from Russian-collusion believers, but they have no reason to ignore the mounting evidence that suggests the Obama administration engaged in serious corruption.

Democrats and their allies, who like to pretend that President Obama’s only scandalous act was wearing a tan suit, are going spend the next few months gaslighting the public by focusing on the most feverish accusations against Obama. But the fact is that we already have more compelling evidence that the Obama administration engaged in misconduct than we ever did for opening the Russian-collusion investigation.

The FBI Serve Search Warrant On Republican Sen. Richard Burr And Seize His Cell Phone

It is not conspiracy-mongering to note that the investigation into Trump was predicated on an opposition-research document filled with fabulism and, most likely, Russian disinformation. We know the DOJ withheld contradictory evidence when it began spying on those in Trump’s orbit. We have proof that many of the relevant FISA-warrant applications — almost every one of them, actually — were based on “fabricated” evidence or riddled with errors. We know that members of the Obama administration, who had no genuine role in counterintelligence operations, repeatedly unmasked Trump’s allies. And we now know that, despite a dearth of evidence, the FBI railroaded Michael Flynn into a guilty plea so it could keep the investigation going.

What’s more, the larger context only makes all of these facts more damning. By 2016, the Obama administration’s intelligence community had normalized domestic spying. Obama’s director of national intelligence, James Clapper, famously lied about snooping on American citizens to Congress. His CIA director, John Brennan, oversaw an agency that felt comfortable spying on the Senate, with at least five of his underlings breaking into congressional computer files. His attorney general, Eric Holder, invoked the Espionage Act to spy on a Fox News journalist, shopping his case to three judges until he found one who let him name the reporter as a co-conspirator. The Obama administration also spied on Associated Press reporters, which the news organization called a “massive and unprecedented intrusion.” And though it’s been long forgotten, Obama officials were caught monitoring the conversations of members of Congress who opposed the Iran nuclear deal.

What makes anyone believe these people wouldn’t create a pretext to spy on the opposition party?

If anyone does, they shouldn’t, because on top of everything else, we know that Barack Obama was keenly interested in the Russian-collusion investigation’s progress.

In her very last hour in office, national-security adviser Susan Rice wrote a self-preserving email to herself, noting that she’d attended a meeting with the president, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, FBI director James Comey, and Vice President Joe Biden in which Obama stressed that everything in the investigation should proceed “by the book.”

Did high-ranking Obama-administration officials not always conduct such investigations “by the book”? It is curious that they would need to be specifically instructed to do so. It is also curious that the outgoing national-security adviser, 15 minutes after Trump had been sworn in as president, would need to mention this meeting.

None of this means that Obama committed some specific crime; he almost assuredly did not. In a healthy media environment, though, the mounting evidence of wrongdoing would spark an outpouring of journalistic curiosity.

“But,” you might ask, “why does it matter, anymore?” 

Well, for one thing, many of the same characters central to all this apparent malfeasance now want to retake power in Washington. Biden is the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, he’s running as the heir to Obama’s legacy, and he was at that meeting with Rice. He had denied even knowing anything about the FBI investigation into Flynn before being forced to correct himself after ABC’s George Stephanopoulos pointed out that he was mentioned in Rice’s email. It’s completely legitimate to wonder what he knew about the investigation.

Skeptics like to point out that the Obama administration had no motive to engage in abuse, because Democrats were sure they were going to win. Richard Nixon won 49 states in 1972. His cronies had no need to break into the DNC’s offices and touch off Watergate. But as the FBI agents involved in the case noted, they wanted to have an “insurance policy” if the unthinkable happened.

In 2016, the unthinkable did happen, and we’re still dealing with the fallout four years later. We don’t know where this scandal will end up, but one doesn’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder.

Italian Politician Demands Bill Gates Arrest For Crimes Against Humanity

by Tyler DurdenSun, 05/17/2020


As the FDA shuts down a Bill Gates-funded COVID-testing program, an Italian politician has demanded the arrest of Bill Gates in the Italian parliament.

Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome denounced Bill Gates as a “vaccine criminal” and urged the Italian President to hand him over to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

She also exposed Bill Gates’ agenda in India and Africa, along with the plans to chip the human race through the digital identification program ID2020.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, in 2015 it were the Italians who exposed secret Chinese biological experiments with Coronavirus. The video, which was broadcast in November, 2015, showed how Chinese scientists were doing biological experiments on a SARS connected virus believed to be Coronavirus, derived from bats and mice, asking whether it was worth the risk in order to be able to modify the virus for compatibility with human organisms.

In an extraordinary seven-minute speech met with wide applause, Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome said that Italy had been subjected to a “Holy Inquisition of false science.”

She roundly criticized the unnecessary lockdown imposed on her fellow Italians in the service of a globalist agenda. She urged fellow political leaders to desist in any plans to compel citizens to surrender themselves to compulsory COVID-19 vaccination at the hands of the corrupt elite – whom she identified as the Deep State.

Below is the transcription of the full speech delivered to the Italian Parliament by Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome.

Sara Cunial

The Member of Parliament for Rome

Speech delivered to the Italian Parliament

May 2020

[Emphasis ours]

Hobbes said that absolute power does not come from an imposition from above but by the choice of individuals who feel more protected renouncing to their own freedom and granting it to a third party.

With this, you are going on anesthetizing the minds with corrupted Mass Media with Amuchina (a brand of disinfectant promoted by Mass Media) and NLP, with words like “regime”, “to allow” and “to permit”, to the point of allowing you to regulate our emotional ties and feelings and certify our affects.

So, in this way, Phase 2 is nothing else than the persecution/continuation of Phase 1 – you just changed the name, as you did with the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). We have understood people, for sure, don’t die for the virus alone. So people will be allowed to die and suffer, thanks to you and your laws, for misery and poverty. And, as in the “best” regimes, the blame will be dropped only on citizens. You take away our freedom and say that we looked for it. Divide et Impera (Divide and Rule).

It is our children who will lose more, who are ‘raped souls’, with the help of the so-called “guarantor of their rights” and of CISMAI (Italian Coordination of Services against Child Abuse). In this way, the right to school will be granted only with a bracelet to get them used to probation, to get them used to slavery – involuntary treatment and to virtual lager. All this in exchange for a push-scooter and a tablet. All to satisfy the appetites of a financial capitalism whose driving force is the conflict of interest, conflict well represented by the WHO, whose main financier is the well-known “philanthropist and savior of the world” Bill Gates.

We all know it, now. Bill Gates, already in 2018, predicted a pandemic, simulated in October 2019 at the “Event 201”, together with Davos (Switzerland). For decades, Gates has been working on Depopulation policy and dictatorial control plans on global politics, aiming to obtain the primacy on agriculture, technology and energy.

Gates said, I quote exactly from his speech:

“If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only a genocide can save the world”.

With his vaccines, Gates managed to sterilize millions of women in Africa. Gates caused a polio epidemic that paralyzed 500,000 children in India and still today with DTP, Gates causes more deaths than the disease itself. And he does the same with GMOs designed by Monsanto and “generously donated” to needy populations. All this while he is already thinking about distributing the quantum tattoo for vaccination recognition and mRNA vaccines as tools for reprogramming our immune system. In addition, Gates also does business with several multinationals that own 5G facilities in the USA.

On this table there is the entire Deep State in Italian sauce: Sanofi, together with GlaxoSmithKline are friends of the Ranieri Guerra, Ricciardi, and of the well-known virologist that we pay 2000 Euro every 10 minutes for the presentations on Rai (Italian state TV. She’s probably talking about Burioni). Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline sign agreements with medical societies to indoctrinate future doctors, making fun of their autonomy of judgment and their oath.

Hi-Tech multinationals, like the Roman Engineering which is friend of the noble Mantoan, or Bending Spoons, of Pisano, which are there for control and manage our personal health datas in agreement with the European Agenda ID2020 of electronic identification, which aims to use mass vaccination to obtain a digital platform of digital ID. This is a continuation of the transfer of data started by Renzi to IBM. Renzi, in 2016, gave a plus 30% to Gates Global Fund.

On the Deep State table there are the people of Aspen, like the Saxon Colao, who with his 4-pages reports, paid 800 Euros/hour, with no scientific review, dictates its politics as a Bilderberg general as he is, staying away from the battlefield. The list is long. Very long. In the list there is also Mediatronic, by Arcuri and many more.

The Italian contribution to the International Alliance Against Coronavirus will be of 140 million Euros, of which 120 million Euros will be given to GAVI Alliance, the non-profit by Gates Foundation. They are just a part of the 7.4 billion Euro fund by the EU to find a vaccine against Coronavirus – vaccines which will be used as I said before.

No money, of course for serotherapy, which has the collateral effect of being super cheap. No money for prevention, a real prevention, which includes our lifestyles, our food and our relationship with the environment.

The real goal of all of this is total control. Absolute domination of human beings, transformed into guinea pigs and slaves, violating sovereignty and free will. All this thanks to tricks/hoax disguised as political compromises. While you rip up the Nuremberg code with involuntary treatment, fines and deportation, facial recognition and intimidation, endorsed by dogmatic scientism – protected by our “Multi-President” of the Republic who is real cultural epidemic of this country.

We, with the people, will multiply the fires of resistance in a way that you won’t be able to repress all of us.

I ask you, President, to be the spokesperson and give an advice to our President Conte: Dear Mr. President Conte, next time you receive a phone call from the philanthropist Bill Gates forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. If you won’t do this, tell us how we should define you, the “friend lawyer” who takes orders from a criminal.

Thank you.

Jewish holy site of Esther & Mordechai in Iran is desecrated in ‘premeditated’ arson attack on 72nd anniversary of the founding of Israel

  • The tomb of Esther & Mordechai is believed to have been set on fire in an attack 
  • The site is reportedly the most important pilgrimage site for Jews in Iran
  • A number of key Jewish groups have strongly rebuked the reported attack 
  • May 14 was Israel’s 72nd anniversary since being founded as a state


PUBLISHED: 09:29 EDT, 16 May 2020 | UPDATED: 09:32 EDT, 16 May 2020 

A holy Jewish Site in Hamadan Province in Iran has been set ablaze, according to the director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

The tomb of Esther & Mordechai is believed by some to house the remains of biblical Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai. It is reportedly the most important pilgrimage site for Jews in Iran.

‘Disturbing reports from Iran that the tomb of Esther & Mordechai, a holy Jewish site, was set afire overnight,’ ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted on Friday.

‘We hope that the the authorities bring the perpetrators of this antisemitic act to justice & commit to protecting the holy sites of all religious minorities in Iran.’ 

Greenblatt did not cite the source of the report, but other organisations have since claimed to have confirmed the attack, which a twitter exchange suggests could have been premeditated.

The Simon Weisenthal Center, a human rights organization, said that Iranian activists had confirmed the attack to have occurred on May 14, the 72nd anniversary of when the state of Israel was founded.

It is unclear whether the attack was related to the anniversary.The Tomb of Esther and Mordechai is located in Hamadan, Iran is believed by some to house the remains of the biblical Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai. Reports say that it was set on fire on May 14+5

The Tomb of Esther and Mordechai is located in Hamadan, Iran is believed by some to house the remains of the biblical Queen Esther and her cousin Mordechai. Reports say that it was set on fire on May 14A tweet threatening to burn the holy site down was sent in response to another tweet from Israel's Foreign Affairs' Farsi twitter (pictured)+5

A tweet threatening to burn the holy site down was sent in response to another tweet from Israel’s Foreign Affairs’ Farsi twitter (pictured)

Earlier on May 14, a twitter user by the name of Mohammad Mahdi Akhyar threatened to destroy the holy site, in response to a Tweet by Israel’s Foreign Affairs’ Farsi Twitter page. 

Roughly translated, Akhyar threatened if the twitter page continued to post, ‘the fire brigade will be at the disposal of Hamedan, the tomb of your stories.’

The initial tweet from Israel’s Foreign Affairs’ Farsi twitter account, that Akhyar was responding to, said that ‘The regime of the Islamic Republic is deadly in the air, on land and at sea, even more so than Corona.’

A number of top-U.S. jewish groups joined the ADL in strongly denouncing the reported arson attack, including the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the Simon Wiesenthal Center. 

Elan Carr, US Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, strongly condemned the alleged attack, saying: ”Iran’s regime is the world’s chief state sponsor of antisemitism.’

‘We strongly condemn the attack on the Tomb of Esther & Mordechai in Hamedan Iran, which follows a threat last Feb. against the site,’ he wrote on Twitter.

‘Iran’s regime is the world’s chief state sponsor of Antisemitism. It must stop incitement and protect its Jewish community and other minorities.’ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted on Friday tweeted the news of Friday, but did not cite where he had received the infomration+5

ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted on Friday tweeted the news of Friday, but did not cite where he had received the infomration

'We hope that the the authorities bring the perpetrators of this antisemitic act to justice & commit to protecting the holy sites of all religious minorities in Iran,' Greenblatt tweeted

‘We hope that the the authorities bring the perpetrators of this antisemitic act to justice & commit to protecting the holy sites of all religious minorities in Iran,’ Greenblatt tweeted 

Arthur Stark, Chairman, William Daroff, CEO, and Malcolm Hoenlein, Vice Chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations released a joint statement, joining the condemnations of the attack.

‘This abhorrent and unconscionable act represents not only a blatantly antisemitic assault on Jews and Judaism, but an assault on all people of faith,’ the statement read.

‘It must be unequivocally condemned by the international community. The government of Iran must act to prevent further attacks and bring to justice those responsible.The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations released a joint statement condemning the attack, saying they were 'outraged' by the reports+5

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations released a joint statement condemning the attack, saying they were ‘outraged’ by the reports

Human right organization, The Simon Weisenthal Center, said Iranian activists claimed to confirm the arson attack, saying that while such sites were traditionally protected in Iran, that had since changed.

‘Historically, Muslims safeguarded Jewish holy sites from Persia to Morocco, including the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai,’ the organization said in a statement.

‘But all that has changed under the Ayatollahs and the terrorist movements they have spawned. In recent years there have been annual anti-Semitic protests at the Holy Site where Jews have come to pray peacefully for hundreds of years.’

Adding to speculation over the incident, American journalist Michael Lipin tweeted that eyewitnesses had seen fire trucks heading towards the tomb.

‘An eyewitness in Iran’s Hamadan city told VOA News he saw several fire trucks going to the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai after an apparent arson attack on Jewish holy site Thursday night, but authorities didn’t allow people to get close,’ Lipin wrote on Twitter.

The Jerusalem Post has reported that the The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) said on Sunday that a suspect has earlier sought to enter the tomb.

A US government funded news outlet, Radio Farda that reports on Iran wrote that the IRNA ‘confirmed that there had been an attempt to break into the tomb of Esther and Mordechai, a holy Jewish site in Hamedan, but removed the report from its website two hours after its publication.’ 

According to Radio Farda, the IRNA said that the suspect had attempted to enter the site through a building next door, but was not successful, and added that the site did not suffer any damages. Police are said to be searching for the suspect.Hamadan province, pictured, is located in the north-east of Iran, located in the Zagros Mountains+5

Hamadan province, pictured, is located in the north-east of Iran, located in the Zagros Mountains

The Alliance for Rights of All Minorities (ARAM) in Iran tweeted on Sunday, also saying they had heard reports of an attempted break in to the Tomb of Esther & Mordechai.

‘According to covering reports, members of the Iranian Basij attempted to raid the historic [tomb of Esther and Mordechai] site yesterday in an act of revenge against the [Israeli-Palestinian] peace plan by US President Donald Trump,’ the group wrote.

It also claimed that Iranian authorities had threatened to destroy the holy site, and ‘convert it into a consular office for Palestine.’

The ARAM wrote that Esther and Mordechai ‘were biblical Jewish heroes who saved their people from a massacre in a story known as Purim. Their burial site has been a significant Jewish landmark for Jews and history buffs around the world.’

China admits to destroying early coronavirus samples – but says the action was taken due to safety concerns and was NOT part of a cover-up

  • It has been confirmed that the Chinese government issued an order to dispose of coronavirus samples at unauthorized laboratories on January 3
  • A government official said the samples were terminated in order to to comply with Chinese public health laws, and denied the action was part of a cover-up
  • The U.S. has repeatedly accused the Chinese government of deliberately downplaying the threat of COVID-19 after it originated in Wuhan last December
  • Worldwide, more than 4.35 million people have tested positive to the virus and at least 297,000 have died


PUBLISHED: 14:32 EDT, 16 May 2020 | UPDATED: 18:08 EDT, 16 May 2020 

China has acknowledged it destroyed early samples of COVID-19, confirming a claim put forward by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo late last month.  

On Friday, Liu Dengfeng, a supervisor with China’s National Health Commission, admitted that ‘the Chinese government issued an order on January 3 to dispose of coronavirus samples’ at unauthorized laboratories, according to Newsweek

But Liu denied that the samples were destroyed as part of a cover-up, insisting that they were disposed of so as to ‘prevent risk to laboratory biological safety and prevent secondary disasters caused by unidentified pathogens.’

He stated that the labs were ‘unauthorized’ to handle such samples, and they had to be terminated in order to comply with Chinese public health laws.  

Liu did not specify how many labs destroyed coronavirus samples. China has acknowledged it destroyed early samples of COVID-19, confirming a claim put forward by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo late last month. A worker is pictured inside a laboratory in Wuhan, China+10

China has acknowledged it destroyed early samples of COVID-19, confirming a claim put forward by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo late last month. A worker is pictured inside a laboratory in Wuhan, China Liu Dengfeng (pictured), a supervisor with China's National Health Commission, admitted that early samples of the coronavirus had been destroyed+10

Liu Dengfeng (pictured), a supervisor with China’s National Health Commission, admitted that early samples of the coronavirus had been destroyedThe admission comes amid souring diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China over the COVID-19 outbreak. China's President X Jinpingi is pictured+10

President Trump is pictured+10

The admission comes amid souring diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China over the COVID-19 outbreak. China’s President Xi is pictured left, U.S. President Trump is seen at right 

The admission comes amid souring diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China over the COVID-19 outbreak – which originated in Wuhan late last year. 

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last month accused the Asian superpower of not being transparent about spread of the coronavirus. 

‘The Chinese Communist Party still has not shared the virus sample from inside of China with the outside world, making it impossible to track the disease’s evolution,’ Pompeo stated at a briefing on April 22. 

‘We strongly believe that the Chinese Communist Party did not report the outbreak of the new coronavirus in a timely fashion to the World Health Organisation,’ he added. 

‘Even after the CCP did notify the WHO of the coronavirus outbreak, China didn’t share all of the information that it had.’

Pompeo continued: ‘Instead it covered up how dangerous the disease is, It didn’t report sustained human-to-human transmission for a month until it was in every province inside of China. It censored those who tried to warn the world in order to halt the testing of new samples, and it destroyed existing samples.’

As of Saturday afternoon, more than 4.59 million people around the world have tested positive to COVID-19. At least 309,000 have died. 

The United States has been disproportionately affected by the disease, with the country accounting for almost a quarter of global cases and deaths. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last month accused the Asian superpower of not being transparent about spread of the coronavirus+10

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last month accused the Asian superpower of not being transparent about spread of the coronavirus 

Earlier this week, President Trump gave an interview with Fox Business Network, where he claimed he was he was ‘very disappointed in China’. 

The coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan in December and was spreading silently as the U.S. and China signed a Phase 1 trade deal hailed by Trump as a major achievement.  

‘They should have never let this happen. So I make a great trade deal and now I say this doesn’t feel the same to me. The ink was barely dry and the plague came over. And it doesn’t feel the same to me.’

Trump’s pique extended to Chinese President Xi Jinping, with whom, Trump says repeatedly, he has a good relationship. 

‘I just – right now I don’t want to speak to him. I don’t want to speak to him,’ Trump said.  'I don't want to speak to him ': The once-rosy relationship between President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping has now turned very frosty+10

Meanwhile, a Department of Homeland Security report shared last Sunday revealed US officials believe China ‘intentionally concealed the severity’ of the pandemic in early January and hoarded medical supplies.

The four-page report dated May 1 that was obtained by the Associated Press notes that China downplayed the virus publicly but increased imports and decreased exports of medical supplies.

The document accuses China of covering their tracks by ‘denying there were export restrictions and obfuscating and delaying provision of its trade data.’

It lends weight to a leaked dossier drawn up by the Five Eyes intelligence alliance which describes how Beijing made whistleblowers ‘disappear’, destroyed early virus samples and scrubbed the internet of any mention of the disease in the early stages. 

The 15-page document brands Beijing’s secrecy over the pandemic an ‘assault on international transparency’ and points to cover-up tactics deployed by the regime. 

It claims that the Chinese government silenced its most vocal critics and scrubbed any online scepticism about its handling of the health emergency from the internet.

China has roundly come under fire for suppressing the scale of its early outbreak which did not afford other nations time to react before the disease hit their shores.Chinese workers are pictured inside a laboratory in Wuhan in 2017. US officials believe China deliberately downplayed the threat of COVID-19 late last year+10

Chinese workers are pictured inside a laboratory in Wuhan in 2017. US officials believe China deliberately downplayed the threat of COVID-19 late last year 

Elsewhere, the CIA believes that China pressured the World Health Organizationinto delaying public warnings about coronavirus early in the outbreak, according to a report recently published in Newsweek.  

The alleged delay came at a crucial time in January, as the virus was spreading around the world undetected and China was stockpiling medical equipment and protective gear made in the U.S. and elsewhere. 

The contents of the the CIA document, called ‘U.N.-China: WHO Mindful But Not Beholden to China,’ were confirmed to Newsweek by two U.S. intelligence officials.

It is the second Western intelligence report to indicate that China strong-armed the WHO into downplaying the risks of the epidemic, after a German intelligence document reported by Der Spiegel suggested that Chinese leader Xi Jinping personally pressured WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (left) and Chinese leader Xi Jinping shake hands in Beijing on January 28, 2020+10

The German newspaper cited intelligence from the country’s Federal Intelligence Service, known as the ‘Bundesnachrichtendienst’ (BND). 

According to the BND: ‘On January 21, China’s leader Xi Jinping asked WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to hold back information about a human-to-human transmission and to delay a pandemic warning. 

‘The BND estimates that China’s information policy lost four to six weeks to fight the virus worldwide’.

The WHO released a statement shortly after the publication of the shock claims, calling them ‘unfounded and untrue’.  +10

As of Saturday morning, there have been more than 1.47 million confirmed cases of coronavirus across the U.S. At least 88,8363 Americans have died from the virus+10

As of Saturday morning, there have been more than 1.47 million confirmed cases of coronavirus across the U.S. At least 88,8363 Americans have died from the virus

Meet Barbara Ferrer, The Social Justice Warrior With No Medical Background Leading LA’s COVID Response

by Tyler DurdenSat, 05/16/2020

At this point, most market participants outside California know LA County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer as the public servant whose “miscommunication” Tuesday afternoon about a three-month extension to her county’s stay at home order was blamed for reviving anxieties about the economic reopening in the US that helped hammer stocks lower last week. The good doctor – who, as it so happens, isn’t a medical doctor, but the owner of a Ph.D in “Social Welfare” (whatever the f**k that means) – would like you to know she is truly sorry for the error, and the ensuing public furor she accidentally unleashed.

LA County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer

As we have been saying since the beginning of this outbreak, many of the public servants revered as virtually infallible by the “stay home, save lives” crowd (overly Democratic in political orientation) actually have few real qualifications. Dr. Ferrer isn’t a scientist, or a medical doctor, and people who argue that we should simply stay inside forever because science often have little, or no, understanding of the current state of research concerning the virus. Because if they did, they would understand that not even the scientists have a great grasp of how to handle this. Given the far-reaching ramifications for society, it shouldn’t be an extreme opinion to suggest that tackling this requires a multidisciplinary approach, because small oversights can have major consequences.

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As for Dr. Ferrer, after apologizing for her “miscommunication” on Wednesday, she went on to reveal that, actually, the order would be expanded (though certain businesses are still being allowed to reopen) offering a seemingly contradictory explanation of the local guidelines and planned path forward that has left the entire county wondering what the hell is going on.

As KABC’s John Phillips shared on his radio show Wednesday, the good doctor’s educational resume, according to a bio published at USC, where she was recently a panelist at a “Safe Schools” symposium, reveals she received her Ph.D. in Social Welfare from Brandeis University, a Master of Arts in Public Health from Boston University, a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Massachusetts, and a Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies from UC Santa Cruz.

None of these disciplines are rooted in the sciences – rather, it appears the good doctor’s “public health” background doesn’t include any specialization in actual medical care, or epidemiology. This woman probably knows about as much as the discipline as the average Californian who has spent the last couple of months on Wikipedia.

However, as the LA Times reports, Ferrer has somehow found her way into a role where she is the top public health officer in a county of 10 million people. Keep in mind, she has no actual medical background, but despite this, she’s found herself in the middle of “every tough conversation about which businesses and institutions have to shut down, whether public and private hospitals are equipped and prepared to handle a possible surge” and what precautions individuals can take to protect their health.

Her role for the county is essentially equivalent to that of Dr. Fauci at the White house. Except Dr. Ferrer isn’t a doctor, she’s a professional social justice warrior.

As Red State points out, when Dr. Ferrer was put in charge of solving the homelessness epidemic in LA County, her game plan 100% focused on “community outreach”. “We need to start this work by speaking directly with those experiencing homelessness to better understand how to align our support,” she said.

That’s right: Dr. Ferrer’s one-size-fits-all plan for solving homelessness started with talking to a demographic group where those with severe mental health disorders and substance-abuse problems represent an overwhelming share of the population. Dr. Ferrer’s approach to help improve the lives of the homeless was to talk to a bunch of schizophrenics and drug addicts about government policy, as Red State pointed out.

Does this woman sound qualified to be one of a handful of people in the room making decisions that will impact the livelihoods and health of millions of people? If we lived in LA County, we certainly wouldn’t be comfortable with that.

Government Could Enforce Who You’re Allowed To Socialize With Via Tracking App

by Tyler DurdenSat, 05/16/2020

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

In the “new normal” of social distancing, governments could dictate who you’re allowed to socialize with and punish wrongdoers via a smart phone tracking app.

Governments are now considering a post-lockdown world of “social bubbles,” which in the UK translates into a proposal to allow people to visit “10 friends and family.”

The Belgian government is also considering permitting people to have a designated list of people they can visit in order to keep the risk of transmitting COVID-19 low.

Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos said that people who have been locked down for two months unable to see friends or family “will see it as progress and a welcome development.”

However, the proposal is completely unenforceable without draconian state monitoring and surveillance.

“From a psychological perspective, I am not sure that it works at all,” said Rory Sutherland, a behavioral scientist and vice chairman of the advertising agency Ogilvy. “Any group assembling could simply claim that everyone present was part of the same cluster, and without spectacular levels of bureaucracy, it would be impossible to establish the veracity of this. It would re-establish the sight of large groups of people as a norm.”

“I think it falls into that category of “excellent science, bad policy,” he added.

And that’s where the tracking app comes in.

“Do not worry about the enforcement of these bubbles; the government could use smartphone app(s) to track and trace bubble violaters,” writes Zero Hedge.

It’s easy to envisage a not too distant dystopia of state-enforced social distancing where the mandatory app will deduct points from your social credit score if you venture outside of your house once too often or meet with an unauthorized friend.

By giving people the ‘privilege’ of allowing them to see a select number of friends, people are also being trained that they are getting rights back.

In reality, this is prison training. Those who show sufficiant obedience to what are essentially totalitarian powers are then given a pat on the head and allowed out into the community in a limited fashion.

Orwell rolls in his grave.

China Has Jailed Hundreds Of People For Questioning Official COVID-19 Narrative, Report

by Tyler DurdenFri, 05/15/2020

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

China has arrested and imprisoned hundreds of people for merely discussing the coronavirus outbreak in any context that strays from the communist party narrative on the epidemic, according to a report from a US based Chinese organisation.

Fox News pointed to the report by China Digital Times containing statistics that show between Jan. 1 and April 4, nearly 500 people were arrested and charged, merely for talking about the virus.

The indiscretions levelled at those jailed include criticism of the response to the outbreak by the Chinese government, and questioning the number of deaths.

In some cases, people were arrested for pointing out that the seven funeral homes in Wuhan were overwhelmingly busy.

Others were targeted by the CCP for “referring to someone who has already been censored or arrested.”

In one instance, lawyer Zhang Xuezhong was arrested for suggesting that “the government’s long-term tight control over society and people has almost completely destroyed the organization and self-help capabilities of Chinese society.”

Xuezhong was detained after he wrote that “The best way to fight for freedom of expression is for everyone to speak as if we already have freedom of speech,” in a WeChat post that was seen by the authorities.

The South China Morning Post has since reported that Xuezhong was released after “questioning”, and hasn’t responded to requests for comment about his arrest.

The censorship report also notes how doctors trying to warn the rest of the world about the severity of the outbreak were silenced.

Fox News notes that Dr. Li Wenliang, a 34-year-old ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital in China’s Hubei Province was “reprimanded by authorities for trying to warn others about the disease in late December.”

“Li was “summoned” by police and forced to sign a letter stating that he made false comments about the virus. His ironic death from the virus at a hospital in Wuhan – where he treated patients and likely contracted the virus – renewed longstanding anger about the communist party’s alleged lies and suppression of information in the country,” the report states.

As we have previously noted, many doctors and researchers were silenced early on during the outbreak by the communist state.

Their warnings could have spared 95% of the globe from the consequences of the virus, according to research.

The censorship report from China Digital Times also notes that “Even entertainment shows that have nothing to do with politics are being rigorously scrutinized and censored for political content.”

While the west is yet to go so far as imprisonment for those questioning the coronavirus fallout, Big tech is actively silencing any dissenting voices on the matter, claiming that questions and theorising on the origins of the outbreak, the motives behind the responses of our governments, and the true scale of the pandemic are all potentially “harmful.”

Wuhan Ordered To Test All 11 Million Residents In 10 Days As Beijing Scrambles To Stop COVID ‘Round 2’

by Tyler DurdenFri, 05/15/2020

After reportedly discovering 6 new coronavirus infections in Wuhan following a month of calm, health authorities in the city of 11 million and epicenter of the outbreak, which is still in the process of “normalizing” after a ~70 day lockdown that began back in January, are scrambling to test all of the city’s residents in just 10 days. 

Some local media outlets are calling it “the ten day battle”, while most acknowledge that few expect officials to succeed in running 11 million tests in ten days. Currently, the most tests run per day anywhere in the world is 20k per day in South Korea. At that rate, it would take roughly 18 months to test that many people. The city would need to test nearly 750k people per day to meet this goal.

While that certainly seems impossible, the long lines snaking around street corners as locals line up – sometimes for hours at a time – at designated testing stations where health-care workers administer tests in the open air, according to the New York Timesand AFP. 

Videos depicting the lines have circulated on US social media after making it through the Great Firewall.Ananth Krishnan@ananthkrishnan

Lining up to get tested in Wuhan. The entire city of 11 million is getting tested in a 10 day period.

Embedded video

Lines showed hundreds lining up at a time…Reuters@Reuters

Hundreds of residents in the Chinese city of Wuhan are lining up at hospitals to be tested for COVID-19 as a flurry of new infections threaten a second lockdown

Embedded video

…raising questions about the current capacity, which appears to be well above the peak reached during the depths of the crisis, according to several western reporters. Under “extreme circumstances” Wuhan has in the past managed to conduct 100k tests in a day, however.

An employee who answered the phone at a hotline set up by Wuhan’s mayor said the tests would be carried out in a staggered manner. Some neighborhoods would start earlier than others, but each would plan to finish testing its residents within 10 days, this person said.

Wuhan, by far the hardest-hit Chinese city, has reported more than 50,000 infections and 3,800 deaths since the outbreak started. One major goal of testing would be to identify infected people with no symptoms, who can still spread the virus.
According to government notices distributed on social media, at least seven neighborhoods in Wuhan said testing would start on Wednesday.

Party officials cranked up the propaganda to urge people to get tested asap.

“A nucleic acid test is your responsibility to yourself, your family and society,” read a post from the Changqing Garden No. 2 Neighborhood District Committee. “Please support and cooperate.”

To be sure, while many locals grumbled, others praised the government, calling the testing drive “a good thing” even if they thought it might be overkill.

“This is a good thing. It’s a way to be responsible towards others and to yourself,” a 40-year-old man told the AFP. 

In areas where testing is happening, officials have erected rows of tents and set up folding tables and stools. Social media posts on Wednesday showed dozens of residents lining up to have nasal or throat swabs taken by medical workers wearing safety goggles and protective suits.

District notices shared on social media urged residents to keep a distance from one another and to spread the word about the testing, in order to “leave no one behind.” For all residents, testing is free – part of China’s basic health care coverage for all.

However, some claimed that the testing drive wasn’t just “overkill”, they warned it might actively hurt the public health and make the outbreak worse. 

One expert who spoke with the NYT said they feared more people would be infected by standing in long lines while waiting to be tested, rendering the massive effort not only unnecessary, but actively harmful.

One local griped that “the safety measures inside are really bad. [People] are too close and the testing person handled a lot of samples from people but I didn’t see him wash his hands.”

That certainly doesn’t inspire confidence in China’s ability to stave off round 2.

Understanding The Mueller Lies About Michael Flynn

by Tyler DurdenFri, 05/15/2020

Authored by Larry Johnson via Sic Semper Tyrannis blog,

I want to help the average citizen understand how egregious and dishonest the Mueller team was in bringing charges against Michael Flynn for lying to FBI agents about what he said to Russia’s Ambassador in a telephone conversation, which was likely intercepted by the CIA.

Michael Flynn did not do a damn thing wrong in that conversation and the notes from FBI agents Strzok and Pientka, which Sidney Powell finally pried loose after more than two years of the prosecutors hiding exculpatory evidence, do not support the Statement of Offense.

I suspect most of you reading this have never read the Statement of Offense. I am going to let you read for yourself the salient portions:

b. On or about December 28, 2016, the Russian Ambassador contacted FLYNN.

c. On or about December 29, 2016, FLYNN called a senior official of the Presidential Transition Team (“PTT official”), who was with other senior members of the Presidential Transition Team at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, to discuss what, if anything, to communicate to the Russian Ambassador about the U.S. Sanctions. On that call, FLYNN and the PTT official discussed the U.S. Sanctions, including the potential impact of those sanctions on the incoming administration’s foreign policy goals. The PIT official and FLYNN also discussed that the members of the Presidential Transition Team at Mar-a-Lago did not want Russia to escalate the situation.

d. Immediately after his phone call with the PIT official, FLYNN called the Russian Ambassador and requested that Russia not escalate the situation and only respond to the U.S. Sanctions in a reciprocal manner.

e. Shortly after his phone call with the Russian Ambassador, FLYNN spoke with the PTT official to report on the substance of his call with the Russian Ambassador, including their discussion of the U.S. Sanctions.

Got that?

Michael Flynn acted professionally and followed protocol. The Russian Ambassador called him. General Flynn called K. T. McFarlane, who was at Mar a Lago with the Trump Transition Team and asked for guidance on whether or not to respond and, if he was going to respond, what to say.

Michael Flynn’s communication with Ambassador Kislyak was appropriate and wise–he asked the Russian Ambassador not escalate the situation and only respond to the U.S. Sanctions in a reciprocal manner. Please tell me what the hell is wrong, nefarious or stupid about that? NOTHING. Michael Flynn could have told the Russian that Obama was a moron and could have promised, “we will eliminate those sanctions on day one.” He did not do either. Mike Flynn conducted himself with discretion and with professionalism.

But there is one other important piece of news in this Statement of Offense. Someone in the Obama Administration INTERCEPTED Mike Flynn’s phone call to the Presidential Transition Team (aka PTT). Who did that? The NSA? The CIA? The FBI? That question needs to be answered because there was no legal basis to intercept this conversation.

As I noted in my previous article (see here), this was the conversation that Jim Comey and Andrew McCabe wanted to use as the pretext and predicate for keeping the investigation of Michael Flynn open.

Here is what Agents Strzok and Pientka wrote in one of their initial drafts of the 302 (i.e., the FBI record of their interview with Michael Flynn). Note–the original draft is still missing in action. The FBI is either incompetent or hiding it.

Michael Flynn said, according to Agents Strzok and Pientka, “I DON”T REMEMBER.”

At no point did the Agents give him the chance to review the transcript, which they had in their hot little hands.

And Peter Strzok, in a subsequent interview with FBI Agents working for the DOJ Inspector General, said this on July 19, 2017:

The FBI Agents interviewing Strzok make it clear–“Strzok and Pientka both had the impression at the time that Flynn was not lying or did not think he was lying.”

The record is very clear and you should now be able to understand why Michael Flynn’s attorney was so outraged and why the Department of Justice is dismissing charges against Michael Flynn.

Robert Mueller and his prosecutors lied. Michael Flynn did not. It is that simple.