Lab-grown black hole analog behaves just like Stephen Hawking said it would

By Tim Childers – Live Science

In 1974, Stephen Hawking theorized that the universe’s darkest gravitational behemoths, black holes, were not the pitch-black star swallowers astronomers imagined, but they spontaneously emitted light — a phenomenon now dubbed Hawking radiation. 

The problem is, no astronomer has ever observed Hawking’s mysterious radiation, and because it is predicted to be very dim, they may never will. Which is why scientists today are creating their own black holes.Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology did just that. They created a black hole analog out of a few thousand atoms. They were trying to confirm two of Hawking’s most important predictions, that Hawking radiation arises from nothing and that it does not change in intensity over time, meaning it’s stationary.

“A black hole is supposed to radiate like a black body, which is essentially a warm object that emits a constant infrared radiation,” study co-author Jeff Steinhauer, an associate professor of physics at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, told “Hawking suggested that black holes are just like regular stars, which radiate a certain type of radiation all the time, constantly. That’s what we wanted to confirm in our study, and we did.”

The event horizon

The gravity of a black hole is so powerful that not even light can escape its grasp, once a photon, or light particle, crosses beyond its point-of-no-return, called the  event horizon. To escape this boundary, a particle would have to break the laws of physics and travel faster than the speed of light.

Hawking showed that although nothing that crosses the event horizon can escape, black holes can still spontaneously emit light from the boundary, thanks to quantum mechanics and something called “virtual particles.” 

As explained by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, even the complete vacuum of space is teeming with pairs of ‘virtual’ particles that pop in and out of existence. These fleeting particles with opposite energies usually annihilate each other almost immediately. But due to the extreme gravitational pull at an event horizon, Hawking suggested pairs of photons could be separated, with one particle getting absorbed by the black hole and the other escaping into space. The absorbed photon has negative energy and subtracts energy in the form of mass from the black hole, while the escaped photon becomes Hawking radiation. From this alone, given enough time (much longer than the age of the universe), a black hole could completely evaporate away.

“Hawking’s theory was revolutionary because he combined the physics of quantum field theory with general relativity,” Einstein’s theory that describes how matter warps space-time,Steinhauer told Live Science. “It’s still helping people to look for new laws of physics by studying the combination of these two theories in a physical example. People would like to verify this quantum radiation, but it’s very difficult with a real black hole because Hawking radiation is so weak compared to the background radiation of space.”

This problem inspired Steinhauer and his colleagues to create their own black hole — a safer and much smaller one than the real deal.

DIY black hole

The researchers’ lab-grown black hole was made of a flowing gas of approximately 8,000 rubidium atoms cooled to nearly absolute zero and held in place by a laser beam. They created a mysterious state of matter, known as a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC), which allows thousands of atoms to  act together in unison as though they were a single atom

Using a second laser beam, the team created a cliff of potential energy, which caused the gas to flow like water rushing down a waterfall, thereby creating an event horizon where one half of the gas was flowing faster than the speed of sound, the other half slower. In this experiment, the team was looking for pairs of phonons, or quantum sounds waves, instead of pairs of photons,spontaneously forming in the gas. 

A phonon on the slower half could travel against the flow of gas, away from the cliff, while the phonon on the faster half became trapped by the speed of the supersonic flowing gas, Steinhauer explained. “It’s like trying to swim against a current that’s faster than you can swim. [That’s] just like being in a black hole, once you’re inside, it’s impossible to reach the horizon.”

Once they found these phonon pairs, the researchers had to confirm whether they were correlated and if the Hawking radiation remained constant over time (if it was stationary). That process was tricky because every time they took a picture of their black hole, it was destroyed by the heat created in the process. So the team repeated their experiment 97,000 times, taking more than 124 days of continuous measurements in order to find the correlations. In the end, their patience paid off.

“We showed that the Hawking radiation was stationary, meaning it didn’t change with time, which is exactly what Hawking predicted,” Steinhauer said. 

Is Eric Swalwell The Answer To Trump’s Prayers?

March 8, 2021 Jonathan Turley

Below is my column in The Hill newspaper on the complaint filed by Rep. Eric Swalwell against former president Donald Trump. Swalwell just filed a complaint that could prove to be the vindication that Trump has long sought in the riot in the Capitol on January 6th.

Here is the column.

French philosopher Voltaire said he had only one prayer in life — “O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous” — and that it was uniformly granted by God. The answer to Donald Trump’s prayers may be Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.). It is not because of Swalwell’s relationship with a Chinese agent or the bizarre defenses of him, including one Democrat insisting he deserved the Medal of Honor. It is because Swalwell’s lawsuit against the former president could offer Trump the ultimate vindication over his role in the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

Swalwell’s 64-page complaint against Trump — along with son Donald Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) — alleges nine counts for relief, from negligent emotional distress suffered by Swalwell to negligence in the “incitement to riot.” One might think this would be a lead-pipe cinch of a case. After all, an array of legal experts has insisted for months that this was clear criminal incitement, not an exercise of free speech. As a civil lawsuit, it should be even easier to win, since the standard of proof is lower for civil cases.

Yet, for more than four years, many of these same experts claimed a long list of “clear” crimes by Trump that were never prosecuted or used as a basis for impeachment. Likewise, despite similar claims of criminal incitement, roughly three months have passed without a criminal charge against Trump. District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine insisted weeks ago that Trump’s alleged crime would be investigated. Yet any such prosecution likely would collapse at trial or on appeal, and people like Racine are not eager to prove Trump’s case.

Enter Swalwell, who has long exhibited a willingness to rush in where wiser Democrats fear to tread, with what may be his costliest misstep yet.

First, his lawsuit will force a court to determine if the defendants’ speeches were protected political speech. As if to guarantee failure, Swalwell picked the very tort — emotional distress — that was previously rejected by the Supreme Court. In 2011, the court ruled 8-1 in favor of Westboro Baptist Church, an infamous group of zealots who engaged in homophobic protests at the funerals of slain American troops. In rejecting a suit against the church on constitutional grounds, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote: “Speech is powerful. It can stir people to action, move them to tears of both joy and sorrow, and — as it did here — inflict great pain. On the facts before us, we cannot react to that pain by punishing the speaker.” Roberts distinguished our country from hateful figures like the Westboro group, noting that “as a nation we have chosen a different course — to protect even hurtful speech on public issues to ensure that we do not stifle public debate.”

Second, Swalwell must show that Trump was the factual and legal cause of his claimed injuries. Swalwell and others have expressly argued that, if not for Trump, the riot would not have occurred. But a trial will allow the defense to offer “superseding intervening forces” on that question — acts of others that may have caused or contributed to the breaching of the Capitol. A court could rule that Trump was not the “but for” cause of the riot before even getting to any legal causation or constitutional questions.

Claims of blame would have been easier to make before the House refused to hold hearings on Trump’s impeachment, including weeks after its “snap impeachment.” Now, facts have emerged that implicate Congress itself in the failure to take adequate precautions against rioters, despite advance warnings. Former House officials claimed an FBI warning was sent only in an email, a day before the riot — but FBI Director Christopher Wray has testified that a warning of plans to storm the Capitol was sent on all of the channels created for sharing such intelligence. Moreover, former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund testified that he asked for National Guard support but was refused six times; one key official, Sund said, did not like “the optics” of troops guarding Congress. Delays at both the Capitol and the Pentagon allegedly left the Capitol woefully understaffed. And Trump has been quoted by former Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller as warning him the day before the riot that “You do what you need to do. You do what you need to do. You’re going to need 10,000 (troops).”

There also is a growing problem with the riot’s time line. Swalwell’s complaint alleges a failure by Trump to act as violence unfolded. But as more information has been released, the time period has shrunk to a difference of minutes between the breach and Trump’s call for law and order. Trump ended his speech at 1:10 p.m. The first rioter entered the Capitol at 2:12 p.m. Eight minutes later, Trump had a heated call with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who told him of the breach. Then at 2:26 p.m., Trump mistakenly called Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) instead of Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.). Lee reportedly said Trump did not appear to realize the extent of the rioting. Finally, at 2:38 p.m., Trump called for his followers to be peaceful and to support police.That was roughly 30 minutes after the first protester entered the Capitol. Trump’s defense team will likely emphasize that the he not only told followers to go “peacefully” to the Capitol but made the call to obey law enforcement roughly 30 minutes after the first rioters entered the Capitol.

Many people think Trump should have spoken earlier. Indeed, I condemned his speech while he was giving it. Yet, various people took actions (or failed to take actions) that left the Capitol vulnerable. And, at trial, a comparison could be drawn to the violence around the White House during the previous summer: Fearing a breach of that complex, overwhelming force was used to create an expanded security perimeter — but the use of National Guard troops then was denounced by congressional Democrats, D.C.’s mayor, and the media.

Finally, Swalwell’s complaint accuses Trump of reckless rhetoric — but Swalwell could find himself on the witness stand having to answer for his own rhetoric. Those comments include his mocking of threats against Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine). Swalwell, who now claims severe emotional trauma from the Capitol riot, dismissively tweeted “Boo hoo hoo” when angry protesters surrounded Collins’s home in 2018.

Swalwell’s complaint is timed beautifully to collapse on appeal just before the 2024 election, giving Trump and Republicans the ultimate repudiation of prior Democratic claims. Voltaire also famously said that “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him.” Luckily for Trump, Swalwell not only already exists, but he may be the very answer to Trump’s political prayers.

Twitter Blacklists Former GOP Candidate Lauren Witzke for Condemning Sexualization of Minors

Dorsey is DEMONIC Pedophile supporter.

Lauren Witzke for Delaware
Lauren Witzke for Delaware

ALLUM BOKHARI8 Mar 20213552:10

Lauren Witzke, the Republican 2020 candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in Delaware, has been blacklisted by Twitter after she denounced comments attributed to a transgender activist that called little girls “kinky.”

The ban, which appears to be permanent, was prompted by Witzke calling the statement “demonic.” The former Senate candidate posted a message from Twitter informing her that it considered the comment “hateful conduct.”

“The last tweet before they finally shut me down,” said Witzke. “Calling pedophiles demonic now violates twitter’s terms of service as “hateful content.” KEEP FIGHTING! It’s your job to pick up the torch and fight for what’s right!

The quote in question came from an alleged 2016 Facebook post attributed to self-described “gender nonconforming” and “transfeminine” activist Alok Vaid-Menon

The quote, an abridged version of a longer Facebook post allegedly made by Vaid-Menon in 2016, called little girls “kinky” and also claimed that “your kids aren’t as straight and narrow as you think.”

The post, and the Facebook page that published it, appear to have been scrubbed from the internet, with only screenshots and scattered references to it remaining.

Speaking on social network Telegram and messaging app, Witzke accused Twitter of changing its terms of service to protect pedophiles.

“Just found out that Twitter changed their terms of service to accommodate minor attracted individuals,” said Witzke. “Sexual predators get to stay, but Christians have to go.”

Twitter claims to have a “zero tolerance” policy against content that “any material that features or promotes child sexual exploitation.” Yet it banned Witzke, a former candidate for the U.S. Senate, for condemning exactly that.

“We’ll Level Tel Aviv”: Iran Responds To Israel ‘Preparing’ Strike Plans Against Nuclear Sites


SUNDAY, MAR 07, 2021

Iran has responded to Fox News interview from late last week wherein Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that Israel is currently updating its plans to strike Iran’s nuclear program and is prepared to act independently if the United States is not willing. The interview was unusually blunt even for Israel in terms of the defense chief openly stating war plans.

Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami promptly fired back with a counterthreat on Sunday. He said Iran’s military will level Tel Aviv and Haifa should Israel do anything “out of desperation”.

 Sometimes, the Zionist regime [Israel] out of desperation makes big claims against the Islamic Republic of Iran to allegedly threaten it,” Hatami said as cited in The Times of Israel via Iranian state media.

“It must know that if it does a damn thing, we will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground,” he followed up with according to an English translation. Hatami was addressing a military ceremony.

He further assured that Iran possesses all the power it needs to “maintain the stability of the country” and said the Islamic Republic can strike close to Israel also via “resistance groups” – which is no doubt a reference to Lebanese Hezbollah and militia groups that have been fighting in Syria.

During Gantz’s Fox News statements two days ago, the defense chief had spelled out to the American correspondent that “If the world stops them [Iran] before, it’s much the better. But if not, we must stand independently and we must defend ourselves by ourselves.”

“The Iranian nuclear aspiration must be stopped… We must defend ourselves by ourselves,” Gantz had asserted.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has also issued similar warnings recently, however, Gantz’s words were the most specific and forceful thus far. He had even handed the Fox reporter what was purported to be a classified target list against Iranian assets that Israel prepared.

Gantz had also touted that Israel stands ready to attack Hezbollah positions throughout Lebanon and Syria – the latter country has been on the receiving end of Israeli airstrikes on a near weekly basis for much of the past year. The defense minister claimed that Hezbollah has “hundreds of thousands” of missiles aimed at Israel and is bent on the Jewish state’s destruction.

Transgender Activist Says ‘Little Girls are Kinky’ to Defend Bathroom Invasion


The LGBT movement has a pedo problem.

on Mar 7, 2021

ByShane Trejo

A far-left Twitter page called “Women’s Voices” is promoting transgenderism and offering the perspectives of these severely mentally ill predators who are targeting children for induction into their depraved lifestyle.

A transgender activist, Alok Vaid-Menon, said that “little girls are kinky” to defend the sexualization of young children.

“These days the narrative is that transgender people will come into bathrooms and abuse little girls. The supposed “purity” of the victims has remained stagnant,” Vaid-Menon said, apparently defending the abuse of the innocent.

“There are no princesses. Little girls are also kinky. Your kids aren’t as straight and narrow as you think,” he added.

Other transgender activist shared their opinions on the page to show exactly how disgusting and reprehensible they are.

“While I never really believed the cliché about women being good for only one thing, that sentiment kept creeping into my fantasies. It’s called forced feminization… transforming the loss of male privilege into the best f*ck ever,” wrote trans-identifying author Julia Serano.

“Pornography is what it feels like when you think you have an object, but really the object has you. It is therefore a quintessential expression of femaleness. Getting f*cked makes you female because f*cked is what a female is,” wrote trans-identifying academic Andrea Long Chu.

“Autogynephilia describes… the basic structure of all human sexuality. The assimilation of any erotic image is, by nature, female. To be female is, in every case, to become what someone else wants. At bottom, everyone is a sissy,” Chu added.

“I think there are a lot of gay men out there who are gay men as a consolation prize because they couldn’t be women. That was certainly true of me,” wrote trans-identifying author Juno Dawson.

Juno Dawson used to be known as “James Dawson” and announced their transition after pushing a book depicting graphic sex acts on children. This allowed him to avoid some of the criticism he was receiving for his “pedophile behavior,” as one mother described it.

“There is something about being treated like shit by men that feels like affirmation itself, like a cry of delight from the deepest cavern of my breast… To be the victim of honest, undisguised sexism possesses an exhilarating vitality,” wrote trans-identifying academic Grace Lavery.

“Women around the world have been treated as sexual objects. Yet if sexual objectification is so categorically awful, then why do I want it so badly? The idea that being seen as a ‘sex object’ is universally a bad thing is too simple, like many tenets of feminism,” transgender author Jacob Tobia wrote.

Now that these individuals are no longer shunned by society, they are coming out of the closet and explaining their inner thoughts and feelings. Their own words prove the Christian right to be correct about the LGBT societal menace.


The joint statement recalls that in the Holy Father’s latest Encyclical, Fratelli tutti, he writes that religions have a role to play at the service of fraternity in the world. In the same vein, the Abu Dhabi Document on Human Fraternity underscores that “faith leads a believer to see in the other a brother or sister to be supported and loved” and believers are called to express fraternity through safeguarding creation and supporting all people, especially the poorest and those most in need.


by Geoffrey GriderMarch 5, 2021

Several faith-based organizations operating in Iraq have issued a joint interreligious statement welcoming Pope Francis’ Chrislam Apostolic Journey to the country which is scheduled from 5 – 8 March.

For all you end times lovers of bible prophecy, what is happening right now on the ground in Iraq, in Ur of the Chaldees, is a stunning fulfillment of 2,000 year old words spoken by the prophets and apostles for us who are alive right now in these last days. If you were waiting for “something to start”, you’re about a year too late, it’s not only begun but for us who are saved, will soon be over. Flight #777 beckons, is your seat book for the coming trip to the clouds? Now let’s get the update on Chrislam in Iraq with the False Prophet Jorge Bergoglio.

“For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18 (KJB)

Pope Francis swaggered off the jet this morning, receiving a conquering hero’s welcome in Iraq for his visit to the birthplace of Abraham, Ur of the Chaldees. And no, that was not metaphor or hyperbole, the Roman pontiff today claimed Iraq for the Vatican, and is there to take the mantle of Abraham as the centerpiece of his Chrislam One World Religion he officially started in February of 2019 back in Abu Dhabi. We strongly urge you to refresh your memory by clicking on the disgusting image below of the False Prophet kissing Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb on the mouth sealing the Chrislam covenant.

Dispensationally speaking, yes, we are still in the Church Age, such as it is, and yes, we will be removed before the start of the time of Jacob’s trouble. All that remains true and the end times timeline is still on track. But listen to me now, and I pray you listen well. What is happening in Iraq right now, at this very moment, is another giant step in the creation of the One World Religion of Chrislam warned about in Revelation. We are so close that time period that the set-up is right now underway as our dispensation of the Church Age is literally overlapping with the formation of the time of Jacob’s trouble.

“Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves: Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.” Isaiah 28:15,16 (KJB)

The Timeline Of The Vatican And Pope Francis In Creating Chrislam Known As The Abrahamic Faiths Initiative

Last August, when the release of the Abraham Accord from President Trump and Jared Kushner, I did an article showing you the whole Chrislam timeline that brought everything to a head. Please click on the link below and read all of it, and when you’re done, and you look at what is happening right now in Iraq, you will see that prophecy is literally leaping off the pages of your King James Bible and onto today’s headlines.

Iraq: faith-based organizations welcome Pope’s visit and message of fraternity

FROM VATICAN NEWS: The Tuesday joint statement, co-signed by 29 organizations – both Catholic and non-Catholic – expressed collective anticipation of the papal visit, joyful that it will bring with it, a message of fraternity and dialogue to the middle eastern nation.


Still yet today, “Iraq still faces daunting challenges,” said the organizations. “Among the 1.2 million Iraqis who continue to be internally displaced and approximately 4.8 million returnees, many are in dire need of help.” All these, coupled with a worsening economic crisis, further exacerbated by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, is “pushing many into poverty and depriving the government of resources need to assist its own people.”

Pope Francis’ message of universal fraternity

The joint statement recalls that in the Holy Father’s latest Encyclical, Fratelli tutti, he writes that religions have a role to play at the service of fraternity in the world. In the same vein, the Abu Dhabi Document on Human Fraternity underscores that “faith leads a believer to see in the other a brother or sister to be supported and loved” and believers are called to express fraternity through safeguarding creation and supporting all people, especially the poorest and those most in need.

Inspired by these, the organizations express their support for the “message of fraternity and dialogue that Pope Francis is bringing to Iraq” adding, that they believe “it represents a necessary way forward to heal past wounds and build a future for the country’s diverse communities” as they continue to collaborate with authorities to help communities “reconcile, rebuild peace, and reclaim their collective rights to safety, services and livelihoods.”

At the same time, the organizations reiterated their commitment to continue to serve and empower people without discrimination on the basis of their needs, and respect others’ cultural values and religious convictions while rejecting all forms of sectarianism and proselytism, strengthen. They also promised to strengthen inclusive initiatives and approaches that foster social cohesion, as well as intensify collaboration between themselves in the service of those in need.

Finally, the faith-based organizations urged the international community to “remain engaged in supporting the Iraqi people to overcome their current challenges, in a true spirit of human fraternity and solidarity.”

The GayBC‘s are In, Dr. Suess is Out

By MICHAEL BROWN Published on March 7, 2021 

More than a decade ago, I purchased a number of gay-themed books for children, wanting to see what parents and educators were reading to their little ones. Recently, I became aware of The GayBC’s, by M. L. Webb, published in 2019 and as extreme as any children’s reader I have seen. Yet these days, books like this are celebrated while the beloved Dr. Seuss is deprecated.

The blurb for Webb’s book joyfully proclaims, “The GayBCs is perfect for fans of A Is for Activist and Feminist Baby — showing kids and adults alike that every identity is worthy of being celebrated.” 

The suggested reading age is children 4-8, and the book contains lines like this: “Bi is for bi” (as in bisexual) and “C is for coming out” and “D is for drag” and “N is for non-binary” and “Q is for queer” and “S is for sashay.”

I’ve even seen a video of a child well under four going through the pages of this book, pages which he had clearly memorized. What kind of madness is this? And what little child on the planet can possibly understand the meaning of these words and terms? Yet one professional reviewer stated, “The GayBCs should be required reading for all children.”

This is shameless – and dangerous – indoctrination. 

Yet books like this are considered fine and acceptable for our children, while Dr. Seuss must be purged. Talk about an upside down world.

The American Library Association can even celebrate Drag Queen Reading Hour – for toddlers, no less – but Dr. Seuss’s illustrations are too dangerous for children to view, with six of his books virtually erased. Seriously?

Growing More Entrenched and Extreme By the Hour

Back in 2017, I appealed to Christian leaders to address LGBTQ issues with clarity, courage, and compassion. 

To paint a picture of what was happening in our society, I wrote:

  • Drag queens are reading stories to our two-year-old children in libraries. 
  • Kindergarteners are learning about being trans. 
  • Middle-schoolers are encouraged to come out as gay without their parents knowing. 
  • College students have to share their PGPs (Preferred Gender Pronouns) at the start of each semester (as in, “I’m Shannon, and my preferred gender pronouns are ze and zir.”). 

And that was in 2017.

Things have become even more entrenched and extreme today, with stiffer penalties for those who dare to resist this agenda.

That is what makes the purge of these Dr. Seuss books all the more absurd. 

As Al Perrotta commented on The Stream, “The Woke Police are also not happy that, of Dr. Seuss’ human characters, only a small percentage are people of color. And yes, it is true that the few human characters of color are in stereotyped subservient roles. Not good. But not surprising for the times.

But isn’t that our first clue to how far into the surreal their hunt goes for the scalp of Dr. Seuss?  They have to distinguish ‘human’ characters in his fantastical works from animals and creatures in order to cancel him. (While ignoring his consistent message that all should be treated as equals.)

And this leads to an obvious question. Is it more dangerous for a little child to see pictures which might be possibly be considered racist – and perhaps only with explanation – than to be taught that being bisexual is cool? That drag queens are special? That they might be trans themselves? 

Babies Can Be Racist

We’re now being warned that babies could be racist, while elementary school children are instructed about the sinful degrees of whiteness

That’s why the Dr. Seuss books must be removed from circulation, lest these impressionable children see racist images and become racist themselves. After all, what might happen to a child who sees pictures of Chinese-looking people eating with chopsticks? What kind of bigoted monster might he or she turn out to be?

At the same time, it is perfectly fine – in fact, it is commendable – for these same, impressionable little children to be indoctrinated in the major LGBTQ activist talking points.

Someone might say, “Have you seen the pictures for yourself? They really are quite racist.”

The truth be told, I haven’t, since the books are no longer available. Dr. Seuss has not just been shushed. Six of his books have been banished. Purged. Cancelled. Disappeared. 

You cannot even buy these books on e-Bay, not because they have all been sold but because eBay has banned their sale. Banned! Like a deadly poison, the general public cannot have access to something this dangerous. 

God forbid that eBay should play any role in making such highly toxic material available. Surely, books like Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which are readily available for purchase on eBay, are far less offensive than Dr. Seuss. 

We Mustn’t Lose Our Minds

This is the madness of today’s PC culture, a culture that celebrates a teenager like Jazz getting sex-change surgery on reality TV – thereby doing irreparable, lifetime harm to herself – while zealously cancelling Dr. Seuss. 

This is the same culture that defends children who identify as transgender receiving potentially harmful hormone blockers. A culture that encourages trans-identified teenage girls to get full mastectomies. Yet a culture that is hyper-concerned about the slightest possible race-based offense.

By all means, let us continue to grow in our honoring of all races and ethnicities, and let us learn from any mistakes in the past. But let us not lose our minds in the process, subjecting our kids to LGBTQ activism shortly after they emerge from the womb while decrying the now evil Dr. Seuss.

LA Teacher’s Union Under Fire For Effort To Racially Classify Critics

Communist Teachers Union Preaching Critical Race Theory to keep schools closed.

United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is under fire after Maryam Qudrat, a mother of Middle Eastern descent, was asked by the UTLA to identify her race after criticizing the union’s opposition to reopening schools despite overwhelming science that it is safe. The response of the UTLA was evasive to the point of incomprehension. However, the controversy is fueled by recent efforts to portray parents demanding a return to school as racist or examples of white privilege, including recent controversial comments from the UTLA President.

Qudrat was contacted by the UTLA after she spoke out against the opposition to resuming classes in Los Angeles. She has a seventh-grade child and has been calling for the union to follow the science. Instead, they contracted her with an email from a union research who noted that she has been quoted twice by the LA Times in eight months and the union wants to know her race. The email notes that her name sounds Iranian but the researcher does not want to assume her race with a “legitimate method.”

The concern however is why the union is trying to racially classify critics. The fact that Qudrat was quoted twice in the LA Times would not yield any broader demographic information on the range of parents who want their kids back in school. Instead, the email is intimidating when opposition to the closings is being used by some to claim racism. That issue arose recently with the public statements of UTLA President:

“Some voices are being allowed to speak louder than others. We have to call out the privilege behind the largely White wealthy parents driving the push for a rushed return. Their experience of this pandemic is not our students’ families’ experiences.”

Myart-Cruz has also criticized “Middle Eastern” parents in joining “white parents” in seeking school re-openings.

In response to the latest controversy, UTLA issues this statement:

“The email in question is from a UTLA researcher who was attempting to ascertain the race of individuals quoted in order to assess whether or not that is a factor we could evaluate. This outreach by the researcher was not authorized and nothing from that outreach is contained in the report. We understand this type of email could be taken out of context.”

What exactly does that mean? The researcher was working for UTLA “to ascertain the race of individual quoted in order to assess whether or not this is a fact we could evaluate.” Read that over a couple of times.  “Assess whether . . . we could evaluate”? Moreover, what are you evaluating? This sounds more like opposition research. What would it matter is the small number of people quoted in a newspaper have a particular ethnic background? It would not establish the make up of families holding that position. While the union says “we understand this type of email could be taken out of context,” it does not explain the context or purpose. It does not deny that it was researching the race of anyone who opposes the union effort to keep the schools closed.

In reality, there are many minority parents who have spoken out about the need to re-open and the science is clear on the issue. Indeed, it was clear when the Trump Administration was pushing for re-opening last year despite ads calling such efforts “attempted murder” before the election.

Obviously, the claims of racism from the UTLA will chill other parents from speaking out. Indeed, we recently discussed a leading researcher who stopped his work on Covid-19 due to threats and harassment for showing minimal risk from school openings. That is the “context” that many of us are concerned about when reading this email.

The Christian Left: The New Referee of Morality?

By FRANK TUREK & LUCAS MILES Published on March 5, 2021 

Only in the twisted ethos of today’s Christian Left is a maskless man considered a cold-hearted murderer, while an abortionist is celebrated as a heroic social justice warrior. With seemingly no regard for the scales of justice, the spiritually ‘woke’ Democratic Party is willfully bending the rules of right and wrong to favor their own ethically bankrupt agenda and to ensure it triumphs in the state — no matter the cost. Although they claim to be religiously devout, the Left ignores natural law and has abandoned the Judeo-Christian foundations on which our nation is built.

Arguments from Silence

Responding on TikTok to the question of “Isn’t the Bible against abortion,” a self-identifying “queer lady pastor” answers, “No, not really. The Bible doesn’t say much. Jesus definitely doesn’t say anything [about abortion].” Using what is referred to in philosophical and historical analysis as an argument from silence, this female TikTok pastor attempts to reject the notion that Christianity necessitates a pro-life position due to her claims that the Bible fails to mention abortion. Arguments from silence offer notoriously poor reasoning and little logical proof for her cause.

Although they claim to be religiously devout, the Left ignores natural law and has abandoned the Judeo-Christian foundations on which our nation is built.

For instance, suppose in the next Super Bowl a receiver gets behind the coverage and Tom Brady hits him in stride. As the receiver sprints toward the end zone, the beaten defender pulls out a gun and shoots him in the back five yards short of the goal line. Imagine the uproar if after the referees confer among themselves regarding a flag on the play for pass interference, the final call were presented as, “Upon further review, since nowhere in the rule book does it explicitly say that you can’t shoot a player at the five-yard line, we’re going to assume the commissioner approves of the defender’s freedom to choose. The play stands as called.”

While the rulebook might not explicitly mention that the murder of another player is against the rules, everyone in the stands possesses an innate knowledge that such behavior is not only against the rules — it’s a crime against humanity!

Obvious Sophistry

The Christian Left might claim to be very “devout,” but such reasoning demonstrates, much like the referees in the example on the field above, that they aren’t fit to determine right from wrong. It is as if they pretend not to know what the rule book says about the most important matter of the law — the protection of life — and then assume, contrary to the evidence, that God supports their egregious behavior.

This kind of reasoning is obvious sophistry.

While it’s true that the Bible doesn’t explicitly mention abortion, this doesn’t at all mean that it’s permitted. Even a brief glance at the scriptures reveals that it was unthinkable to the God-fearing Hebrews to kill a child (children were a blessing from the Lord) and abortion was already prohibited by the 10 Commandments (i.e. “You shall not murder.”) Likewise, the Bible doesn’t explicitly mention felony home invasion either, but it is already prohibited by “You shall not steal.” You have to be willfully blind to think otherwise.

Self-appointed Referees

Religious conservatives understand that the primary role of government is to protect its citizens from evil. Government is not commanded to insert itself in every aspect of life or provide services that individuals normally do (the government may do those things, but that’s not its primary charge). Paul writes, government “rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.”Please Support The Stream: Equipping Christians to Think Clearly About the Political, Economic and Moral Issues of Our Day.

Ironically, the Left, as the self-appointed referee of morality, eagerly embraces this role to punish the wrongdoer by assuming they themselves — and not scripture, natural law or the Constitution — are able to define what is wrong and what is right. Take for instance calls from the Left recently to pressure cable providers to “punish” conservative media outlets by removing them from their platforms. Rather than protecting the unborn or defending First Amendment rights, the Left is busy silencing and fighting free speech!

Promoting Evil

With their support for government paid abortion, the Left is actually promoting evil. After all, what could be a greater evil than murder? Rulers who don’t want to prevent murder — and actually want to pay for it — are failing in their primary mission. That’s why being pro-life is a necessary, but not the only, condition for our vote. Being pro-life doesn’t necessarily qualify someone as a ruler; but being pro-abortion necessarily disqualifies them.

Likewise, religious progressives who elevate debatable and less critical issues to supreme importance, while simultaneously offering support of abortion, stand as co-conspirators in the deaths of the unborn. To the Christian Left, climate change trumps abortion, as if allowing the possibility of the river next to the stadium rising two inches a hundred years from now is a graver sin than allowing 800,000 babies to be murdered this year. Jesus would charge them, like he did the politicians of his day, with “neglecting the more important matters of the law.”

The Christian Left is Unleashing Chaos

The job of a good referee is not to affect the outcome of the game one way or the other, but to ensure the game is played fairly by the established rules. The rules are in place to allow fair competition among the players while protecting the players from unnecessary harm. One could imagine what would happen to the game of football if out-of-bounds were overlooked, so that fans could walk on and off the field as pleased; if there were quotas on players based on sex and race; and if the players were fined based upon the penalties of their predecessors. It would be chaos. Yet, this is exactly what the left is doing to this country.

All of this is being sold by the Christian Left as some kind of biblical social justice. There is nothing just or biblical about abortion (same could be said about illegal immigration and the redistribution of wealth). While we cannot question their good intentions, there is no doubt about their inevitable bad results.

If our nation hopes to recapture even a semblance of true justice, as well as our founding freedoms, we must reject the empty ethics of the Left, and revisit the spiritual and ethical guidelines found within our Judeo-Christian roots and the Constitution.


Here’s how it will work, according to the BiteLabs website. A sample of tissue containing myosatellite cells (the type of cells that help repair and regrow damaged muscle) will be taken from a person during a biopsy. Those cells are multiplied in a lab using a medium that acts as an artificial blood to grow muscle. Once the cells are mature enough, they will be ground and mixed with different kinds of meat, spices, fats and oils for flavor using one of the company’s “time-honored recipes for the creation of fine cured meats.” It will then be stuffed into casings, seasoned again then dry aged and cured before packaging for distribution.


by Geoffrey GriderMarch 4, 2021

It may sound like the makings of a bad science fiction movie: A company that harvests human tissue to make meat products such as salami. But a new start-up called BiteLabs is claiming to want to make human test-tube meat a reality. And they want to use celebrities to do it.

If you were thinking that there would come a time when man in all his self-perceived glory would finally outsmart that ‘dusty, old and archaic’ King James Bible, I am here to tell you that today is not that day. No, in fact with this article we present for your consideration, you will see that the trusty KJB warned you about humans consuming humans in the great Tribulation found in the time of Jacob’s trouble thousands of years ago. We are finally catching up with the bible, please allow me to introduce you to demonic tech startup BiteLabs and their celebrity salami.

Then said I, Lord, how long? And he answered, Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate, And the LORD have removed men far away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land. But yet in it shall be a tenth, and it shall return, and shall be eaten: as a teil tree, and as an oak, whose substance is in them, when they cast their leaves: so the holy seed shall be the substance thereof.” Isaiah 6:11-13 (KJB)

The tithe is something that God gave to the Jews, and in the bible, the tithe is something you eat, Malachi calls it ‘meat’ for God’s ‘storehouse’, it is not money. But the tithe, or ten percent, is also a prophecy that will be fulfilled in the time of Jacob’s trouble as a tithe, or a tenth, of the Jews in Israel will be slaughtered by the armies of Antichrist and eaten from the altar. The verses I gave you from Isaiah 6 lay it out clear, plain and simple, but there are dozens more in the bible.

“And the rulers of the people dwelt at Jerusalem: the rest of the people also cast lots, to bring one of ten to dwell in Jerusalem the holy city, and nine parts to dwell in other cities.” Nehemiah 11:1 (KJB)

The One World Religion of Chrislam that Pope Francis has been so busy, and successfully I might add, building will be the end times religion of Antichrist, no question about it. The bible tells us that in Luke 21:20 that the armies of Antichrist will take Jerusalem, and Antichrist will sit in the rebuilt Temple as God. Revelation 20 shows us Jews who get beheaded for refusing the Mark of the Beast, and Psalm 16:4 shows us their blood offered as a sacrifice to Satan and drank from a cup.

“Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I, even I, am against thee, and will execute judgments in the midst of theein the sight of the nations. And I will do in thee that which I have not done, and whereunto I will not do any more the like, because of all thine abominations. Therefore the fathers shall eat the sons in the midst of thee, and the sons shall eat their fathers; and I will execute judgments in thee, and the whole remnant of thee will I scatter into all the winds.” Ezekiel 5:8-10 (KJB)

What does all this have to do with celebrity salami from BiteLabs? Plenty. It gets you comfortable with the idea of putting human flesh in your mouth, which is wicked sin, in preparation for the coming time of Jacob’s trouble after the Pretribulation Rapture of the Church takes place. I will never, ever, knowingly eat any of this demonic garbage including the fake meat being pushed by New World Order minion Bill Gates. This unsaved world we see all around us is right now preparing themselves to meet Antichrist, we who are saved are preparing to meet Jesus Christ on Flight #777. We will leave behind the most dreadful time in human history, aren’t you glad you’re saved? If you’re not and want to be, click here to seehow to have all your sins paid for before that day comes.

For thus saith the LORD; We have heard a voice of trembling, of fear, and not of peace. Ask ye now, and see whether a man doth travail with child? wherefore do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in travail, and all faces are turned into paleness? Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it.” Jeremiah 30:5-7 (KJB)

Ellen DeGeneres salami? One company’s quest to make meat from celebrity tissue samples

FROM THE LA TIMES: “At the moment, our primary goal is to provoke discussion and debate around topics of bioethics and celebrity culture,” said Martin from the BiteLabs team. He says he wishes to remain anonymous at this time, due to the controversy surrounding the focus of the company. “We see inefficiencies, environmental hazards, and ethical problems in the world’s food production and distribution. There are exciting opportunities to disrupt these industries while opening new ways to consume celebrity culture.”


Here’s how it will work, according to the BiteLabs website. A sample of tissue containing myosatellite cells (the type of cells that help repair and regrow damaged muscle) will be taken from a person during a biopsy. Those cells are multiplied in a lab using a medium that acts as an artificial blood to grow muscle.

Once the cells are mature enough, they will be ground and mixed with different kinds of meat, spices, fats and oils for flavor using one of the company’s “time-honored recipes for the creation of fine cured meats.” It will then be stuffed into casings, seasoned again then dry aged and cured before packaging for distribution.

The company outlines how this type of test-tube meat would eliminate environmental and ethical concerns associated with livestock production, claiming its celebrity meat production would require less than 1% of the land used in traditional farming. The site also notes, the lab meats will not be affected by growth hormones or come into contact with any pesticides or chemicals. And as far as the celebrity angle, BiteLabs is hoping they can use celebrities to warm people up to the idea of consuming the meat.


BiteLabs has sample celebrity meat descriptions on its website written by BiteLabs representative Kevin and food designers on the BiteLab team. There are sample descriptions for James Franco, Kanye West, Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen DeGeneres. None of these celebrities are actually affiliated with the company.

In case you’re wondering, DeGeneres’ salami is described as “black pepper and garlic with a playful kick of mustard give the Ellen salami a highly approachable and well-rounded flavor.” The description notes DeGeneres’ meat would be blended with ostrich and finished with a hint of brandy and shallots.