Communist China trying to genetically engineer new master race

Friday, February 19, 2021 by: Ethan Huff 

The communist Chinese regime is reportedly in the process of developing a new “master race” of human-robot hybrids to help the authoritarian empire attain global rule.

In order to achieve “biological dominance” over all other nations, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is utilizing various methods of genetic engineering to develop artificial transgenic humans, which will function as military slaves in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Similar to what the history books have to say about the Third Reich, this Fourth Reich, of sorts, aims to crystallize communist China’s position as a global leader via artificial “fortification” of the human genome.

“U.S. intelligence shows that China has conducted human testing on members of the People’s Liberation Army in hope of developing soldiers with biologically enhanced capabilities,” wrote John Ratcliffe, the former Director of National Intelligence (DNI), in a recent op-ed for The Wall Street Journal.

Ratcliffe added that there are “no ethical boundaries to Beijing’s pursuit of power,” meaning it will stop at nothing to eventually rule the planet.

While China did fine and jail Shenzhen He [Jenkui] for “illegally carrying out human embryo gene-editing,” some speculate that this was done merely for show to make it seem as though the communist regime stands in defense of human rights.

“What is most disturbing about these endeavors is that China has gleaned access to CRISPR and advanced genetic and biotech research, thanks to their relationship with the United States and other advanced Western nations,” stated Brandon Weichert, author of The Weichert Report, during a recent interview.

“American research labs, biotech investors, and scientists have all striven to do research and business in China’s budding biotech arena … because the ethical standards for research … are so low.”

Don’t forget: The U.S. is involved with biotechnology just like communist China

Because untainted human intelligence would never, generally speaking, willingly go along with the tyrannical agenda of communist China, the regime aims to create new novel lifeforms that are both strong and obedient.

Bing Su, a geneticist from the state-run Kunming Institute of Zoology, has conducted numerous experiments involving the injection of human DNA into primates, the goal being to create a smarter animal that is still dumber than an actual human.

Bing reportedly injected the MCPH1 gene into the brain of a monkey, the goal being to advance that animal’s intelligence just enough to make it more intelligent than other monkeys but still not as intelligent as a real human.

Bing’s next experiment will be to insert two other genes into monkeys: SRGAP2C, which is related to human intelligence, and FOXP2, which is connected to language skills.

“Biotechnology development in China is heading in a truly macabre direction,” Weichert wrote in an article for the American Greatness website.

The United States is no saint in all this, it is important to note. We have been dealing with our own biotechnology horror show in which children are being experimented on in the pursuit of creating new genderless automaton “humans” that are neither male nor female, as one example.

Our nation is also overloaded with toxic, life-destroying GMOs, which are planted on tens of millions of acres of American farmland. This land is now so doused and saturated in hormone-disrupting chemicals that Big Biotech may not even need to pursue any further modification technologies since crop chemicals are bringing about these changes all on their own.

The Republican Party has an agenda against communist China, though – and in many ways this is for good reason. As such, the party’s human rights rhetoric is aimed at China’s behavior rather than the behavior of our own domestic corporations, many of which are doing the exact same things in the name of advancing “science.”

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