Ken Cuccinelli: Nancy Pelosi Had a Disturbing Request for What She Wanted the National Guard to Do

Pelosi wanted Vehicle Borne Machine Gun crews to slaughter Trump supporters

By Nick Arama | Jan 22, 2021  

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Just catching up to a crazy story from earlier in the week that’s pretty important not to skip over, giving all that has been going on with the National Guard. 

Now, there were a lot of questions about the need of having such a massive buildup of 25,000 troops in Washington, D.C to protect the Capitol. 

But apparently that wasn’t all that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wanted, according to Ken Cuccinelli, the former Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary. 

According to Cuccinelli, not only did Pelosi want all those troops, “a division,” to protect the Capitol, but she also wanted “crew-manned machine guns in Washington.” He said, “That was rejected because there’s simply no use for that in a security arrangement for a civilian undertaking. Just — so some of this has gone beyond any legitimate security need.” He meant crew-served vehicle borne machine guns, according to John Roberts. 

Oh, my. Was she really envisioning gunning down Americans? Imagine if it hadn’t been someone like Cuccinelli with the good sense to refuse such a request. That’s crazy. But it says a lot, and none of it good about Nancy Pelosi. I’m also confused. Isn’t she against even semi-automatic rifles like AR-15s but now she’s cool with this? Or is it only when they aren’t being used to defend her? When they’re protecting her, any amount of force is cool, apparently.

Cuccinelli also made the point that Homeland Security wasn’t just about D.C., although of course they want to protect the Capitol. 

“At the same time, where was this concern for the rest of America?” he asked. “But when their own butt was on the line, all of a sudden they want every troop and soldier they can find to protect them. And we’re perfectly happy to contribute to keeping them safe. That’s part of our goal and our job, but not at the sacrifice of the rest of America.”

“Congressmen aren’t more important than any other American,” Cuccinelli added. “And everyone in this country should be kept safe and that’s what the Department of Homeland Security has endeavored to do through this entire difficult year.” 

Great point. Where was the concern from these same folks when regular citizens were being attacked, killed and burnt out with the BLM/Antifa riots? Their concern was sorely lacking. They never criticized BLM or Antifa by name. Democrats celebrated the BLM at their convention and Joe Biden even had the temerity to call Antifa “just an idea.” Democrats, including Pelosi, attacked President Donald Trump for daring to provide federal agents to protect the federal courthouse that was under nightly attack in Portland calling the federal agents “stormtroopers” in an insane attack

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  1. Did Pelosi change her tactic and actually let the attack on the capital succeed?
    (Police were actually told to go home before the anticipated attack on the capital.)
    This would then give a great driving force to allow further democratic efforts to dominate the electoral college ballot process, avoid the efforts to disclose election faults and reasons to establish an impeachment of Trump.

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