Stop the Steal

January 19, 2021

By Rick Fuentes

There’s something about the title of this article that really rubs Democrat socialists the wrong way.  It incites a level of anger and irrational behavior not seen since the MAGA clothing line hit the shelves.  For the Democrat party and their media acolytes, this catchphrase has been stretched thin to wrap around the recent violent and unlawful breach of the U.S. Capitol, now used as the black swan event to drive a stake through the heart of Trump conservatives (Omitting Republicans here is deliberate, as the backbone and fealty of the Grand Old Party has been compromised in ways that are difficult to understand and painful to watch).

“Stop the Steal” is not a call to violence, nor does it narrow upon a disputed election that will put the worst possible nominee of any presidential race in American history behind the Resolute Desk.  It represents a civil but firm opposition to a Democrat policy platform that seeks to wrench the foundations of democracy out from under our feet.

In the past year, the crawl of socialism in this country has become a full-out sprint acted out in anarchistic nightly displays on our city streets.  Political scientists and Marxist apologists assuage concerns with claims that socialism can coexist with capitalism. At what price and for how long?  Our schools, language, media, and workplaces have already willfully or unwittingly permitted this Orwellian drift to greater government control over our lives.  Standing athwart complete capitulation is our Bill of Rights, against which beltway Democrats and blue state governors, hiding behind the pandemic, have leveled a crippling broadside.

American Thinker readers are smarter than most who claim familiarity with the Bill of Rights and the Founding Fathers that brought them to life.  Notwithstanding, here’s a pared-down version of the top ten.  The First Amendment is speech and religion, Second is right to bear arms, Third is civilian authority over the military, Fourth is search and seizure, Fifth is due process, Sixth is criminal prosecutions, Seventh is jury trial, Eighth is cruel and unusual punishment, Ninth is rights retained by the people, and Tenth is state’s rights, to include calling and holding elections

With the help of the courts, the left has whittled away at these amendments for decades, although with less malevolence than we’ve seen in the last four years of the Trump administration.  There is now more than a whiff of smoke to show that each of these fundamental rights has been diminished, tossed aside, or outright trampled in an effort to paper them over with a socialist model of government, advance one-party rule, and to wield authority in perpetuity.

Campus-coddled academics and the media writ large have taken pains to soften the realities of life under socialism and indoctrinated generations of students.  How else could Bernie Sanders, the Senate’s longstanding Bolshevik who has functioned outside the two-party mainstream for thirty years and has seen the passage of only three of his more than 400 sponsored bills — two of them naming post offices — suddenly become the sweetheart of the country’s youngest voters?  Sanders’ second-place finish in a field of twenty-seven primary candidates was a warning shot that academia had effectively ripped the bloom of democracy off the rose and that socialism was a new force to be reckoned with in American politics.

The problem for Democrats is that a huge swath of the population are content with the Constitution and won’t gently yield the right to free elections.  A plurality of voters, to include more than three-quarters of Republicans, thirty percent of Democrats and quarter of all Independents, now have little to no faith that the recent presidential election was legitimate.  Prima facie voter fraud on an epic scale coupled with a cold shoulder from several high courts to eschew examination of the hard evidence suggests dirty tricks to deprive the fundamental right of the people to choose their own leader.  Chicanery at this height of federal and state government, if allowed to stand, is an open invitation to even greater levels of political misconduct.

Would the American government have accepted the legitimacy of a foreign election so contaminated?  When Nicolas Maduro won by a landslide against a massive populist movement, the United States and European Union said no.  Venezuela’s election irregularities bear semblance to our own, to include the omission of observers, and the manipulation of results.

The Democrats’ pyrrhic victory and seizure of power has now salted appetites for vengeance.  A highly disputed presidential election, coupled with Republican reticence, has put every Trump conservative at risk of hostility and persecution.  An ascendant Democrat party, strengthened by Republican hibernation, is now aligned in ideology and practice to cancel a conservative movement first articulated by Edmund Burke in 1790, brought to influence in American politics by William F. Buckley, Jr., in the early 1960s, and advanced by the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

Using the Capitol breach as a pretense to censure all Trump supporters as insurgents, social media outlets are suspending or canceling the accounts of conservatives.  Deplatformed users are given anemic justifications that ironically overlook the existing accounts of the world’s most brutal regimes and thousands of their propaganda posts.  Rebooting a plot line from Revenge of the Nerds, the CEOs and their algorithm wizards at Facebook and Twitter are hard at work giving online wedgies to anyone who dares to question a Biden presidential victory.  Alternative blogging sites, such as Parler and Gab, are demonized as havens for right-wing miscreants and Amazon Web Services has shown a willingness to sever connections to sites that offer sanctuary to such views. Gone is all debate over partisan perceptions of hate speech.

After an election decided by hook and by crook, this is no longer just about power.  Eliminating conservative opposition through dogmatism is on full display.  While the president, all of his White House staff, Republican congressional representatives, and hundreds of thousands of Save America rally attendees have been harassed and blamed for the actions of an unlawful mob, there has been no atonement by Democrats and media pundits who have condoned, openly supported, or called for the year-long sacking of American cities and the murder of police officers.

Florida Congressman Brian Mast is a former Army explosives technician who lost both his legs in Afghanistan.  Last week, he exercised the powers given to him by oath to vote against the second impeachment of President Trump.  That got under the skin of CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who maligned Mast and his military service by suggesting that the Bronze Star vet had left his commitment to democracy on foreign soil. 

Josh Hawley, U.S. senator from Missouri, is a well-spoken political voice whose strength of conviction makes him a Republican standout.  His presence also puts him in the crosshairs of Democrats bent on denying conservatives any hope of an ideological leader in the wake of Donald Trump.  The cancel culture has therefore mounted a full-throttled campaign against him in the media and corporate world.  Simon & Schuster has refused to publish the book they, in fact, paid him to write.  Loews hotel management canceled a fundraiserscheduled for Hawley. If Benny Thompson, Democrat chair of the House Homeland Security Committee had his way, Hawley and other Republicans would be on the no-fly list.

The Democrats and their social media axis are also squaring off against conservative firebrands Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, and Matt Gaetz. Pages of results on popular internet search engines feature articles that put them in a bad light.  The sycophants at Google are far more flattering to queries of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

The endgame for Democratic socialism will appear in the guise of political “reform” that will prey upon the careers and livelihoods of every conservative legislator, writer, commentator, and blogsite.  Trump conservatives will increasingly become expats from their own government while a Republican apostasy goes the way of the Whigs.

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