Communist takeover of the United States of America

By Boanerges January 11, 2021

The events of the last 9 months have accomplished something that no one realizes. The Communist Party of China has conquered our country without firing a single shot. In an eerie similarity to George Orwell’s 1984, the Party, is all that is left. No memories of history that the Party doesn’t condone exist. In fn fact it will be illegal to possess. No speech that the Party doesn’t condone will be allowed. No work for you if the Party doesn’t approve of your character. Re-education and Cleansing Programs with President Donald Trump being torn away from the memories of history and put into the dustbins of Emmanual Goldstein are happening right now. Demonizing nationalism, America First, Citizens First and God is happening now.

Ignorance is Strength. Books are banned. Art is banned. Movies are banned. Gatherings are banned. Newspapers and magazines are banned. Anything that the Party does not approve. There is no such thing as two genders. Marriage between a man and a woman is not sacred. Babies are not sacred. Family is not sacred. Soon the Bible will be banned. The Information Age has led to the greatest brainwashing of the masses ever imagined. Just about all drugs are legal in Oregon. Soon the entire country will be drugged. The Education system is pro communist and anti secular. Transvestite Book Reading hour for 8 year olds. Sexual education for 8 year olds that promote promiscuousness, homosexuality and hedonism. At 8 years old! These disgusting Virtue Signaling, sanctimonious people who know better than you control your children minds through marxist critical race theory and rewriting of history to what the Party wants you to believe.

Freedom is Slavery. The Democratic Socialist have conquered the Fascism breeding in Patriotism and Nationalism. They have identified the enemy, and they call them Patriots. They call them Trumpers. 75 million patriots. Big Tech and Main Stream Media have identified the enemy and have targeted their ideology by labeling them, deplorable, racist, misogynist, white supremacist, evangelical religious fanatics, stupid, hillbillies and rednecks.

Good is Bad and Bad is Good. White People and Christians are evil. Morals are now not of God’s teachings, but of pedophiles, homosexuals, and public policy of the Party.  Criminals are Protected and law biding citizens are the oppressors.  War is Peace. 42,000,000 babies were murdered in 2020. Eugenics, Abortions, Wars, Vaccines, are part of the population control.

Men are demonized for being masculine and woman are encouraged to be whores. Commitment to family and each other are scoffed at. Hedonism and selfishness is normal healthy behavior. Greed is the new God. Materialism is everything. Corporate America has sold its soul to China. Democrat Politicians have sold their soul to anyone who will pay. So has many Republicans. Racketeering and bribery rule the halls of Congress.

Soon the purges will start. Today the FBI warned that an unnamed group is planning armed protest across the country in the days ahead. It is always anonymous or unnamed groups and individuals. The national Guard has been deployed. Intelligence agencies on on alert. The military takeover by the communist is happening right now. Careers and lives will be destroyed in the name of Progressiveness. They already have. Communism, Socialism and Fascism are evil. 350 Million people at least have been murdered by these systems of government. That is not going to stop. Progressives know only one thing. Extinguishing the opposition by any means necessary. Look at Antifa. Armed and equipped. Look at the idiots that walked into the capitol. They do not look like an insurrection lead mob. They look like old hippies. Antifa looks like the Gestappo. Antifa looks like the brown shirts. Antifa looks like the fascist they pretend to hate. And what do they want to do. They want to burn down society. They want to destroy our institutions and history. They want what Saul Alinsky wants. The destruction of America. The destruction of Capitalism. The end of the FreeMarket and the free world. The only economic system in history to lift billions of people out of poverty in less than 100 years is now labeled tyranny and evil. That is the progressive ideology. And The Party is always right.

War is Peace. When you play in the Devils Playground you don’t come out whole. You lose part of your soul. When you unleash the Devil you can not put him back into his cage and close the door and lock him up when you want. The Devil is stronger today than ever before. But if you play with fire, you will be burned. North Korea has already started making more nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles as soon as the coup appeared complete. Iran has said they are building a nuclear bomb. The Democrats will allow them to do just that. Israels existence is now being targeted again. War is population control to these people. There is no justice. There is no mercy. There is no compassion. The devil has risen and the war on God is being waged through the Democrat Socialist Party. Nations fall and so do civilizations. The devil can conquer humans but the devil will not conquer God. And God will work through his chosen one’s to overcome the dark. The light shall never be extinguished.

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