Thugs Savagely Assault, Rob Retired NYPD Sergeant In Manhattan Daytime Beating

by Tyler DurdenThu, 08/20/2020

As scenes of brutal violence become depressingly commonplace in an NYC were hundreds of cops have been removed from their street posts by Bill de Blasio’s NYPD, this latest video shared by the New York Post is particularly memorable.

In an attack that took place in Manhattan’s garment district, a well-heeled part of town where violence is uncommon, two young men beat and robbed a retired NYPD sergeant after the man appeared to try and reason with one of the two men, before the man – who had a desk warrant out for aggressive panhandling at the time – suddenly assaulted him.

Nobody bothered to intervene as assailant landed dozens of punches to the sergeant’s head, and as his partner in crime came by to pick up his belongings.

After the ordeal was over, one of the assailants returned to deliver another kick to the retired sergeant’s head as he tried to regain his composure.  Later, one of the patrons at a nearby deli offered the sergeant some napkins to help wipe off his face.

The suspect, whom police sources have identified as Masterjadin Roman, 20, of Canarsie, has been arrested.

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