Will The Cultural Marxists Succeed In Cancelling The Biden-Trump Debates?

by Tyler DurdenTue, 07/21/2020

Authored by Robert Bridge via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Reminiscent of its desire to cancel all uncomfortable discussion on college campuses across the nation, the Democrats are determined to ax a series of scheduled debates between the apparent Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, and the Republican incumbent, Donald Trump. If they succeed, this would be the crowning achievement of the radical left.

The Democratic strategy for getting Joe Biden into the White House without ever emerging from his basement bunker is a stroke of evil genius. Here’s how it works: With the unconditional support of the mainstream media, the left has promoted the narrative, constructed on the back of arguably biased opinion polls (herehere and here, for example), that the heir apparent for the Democratic presidential nomination enjoys an insurmountable lead over Trump.

This allows the Biden camp to argue that it would be more reasonable for their 77-year-old candidate to outright snub the debates, which have been a formal part of the U.S. election process since the 1960 epic showdown between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Only in the current PC climate, when cancel culture has hijacked rational thought, is it possible to imagine a scenario when the public might be denied the right to weigh the results of a formal clash of ideas between two veteran statesmen, one of whom will go on to lead a nation of over 300 million souls.

And then there is the manipulation of Covid-19 to make the case that Trump has proven himself to be unfit to hold office due to his handling of the outbreak. Such one-sided articles have become standard fare around the country, as the media never stops reminding the public that the number of Covid cases is on the rise. What the media almost never mentions, however, is that death rates from the virus have been steadily falling – over 75 percent – since its peak in April. Instead, they cynically declare that the positive results are being “weaponized by the right to claim a hollow victory in the face of shameless failure.”

So what is it? A “hollow victory” or a “shameless failure”? It certainly can’t be both. While the victory against Covid, however temporary, might be seen as “hollow” to the Liberal camp, a victory is still a victory, and should be duly reported as such. But of course nobody should anticipate such candor in a major election season.

The next step in the Democratic seek-and-destroy campaign is to portray the ‘Orange man’ as unhinged to the point of not being capable of admitting defeat in the event he should lose in November. In other words, Trump might respond in the same way that the Democrats responded to Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016, i.e. not very sportsmanlike. Or, alternatively, the Biden-Trump showdown will never be resolved because the Republican base will become so demoralized by the poll numbers that Trump will simply toss in the proverbial towel before Election Day. That preposterous, unimaginable notion was posited by none other than Fox News, which is considered to be the last major media company not overtly hostile to Trump.

This sort of warped rationale is the same type that led New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to argue that Biden should not debate Trump until, first, the U.S. president releases his tax returns, and, second, a “real-time fact-checking team” can correct any “misleading statements, phony numbers or outright lies” that either candidate may tell. Perhaps that government ‘ministry of truth’ will operate in much the same manner that Twitter’s internal watchdog monitors user comments. Should the question of mail-in ballots, for example, come up in the debates, we can predict with near certainty how the line judges will call the shot.

Speaking of mail-in ballots, the Covid-19 pandemic has proven to be yet another blessing without disguise to the Biden campaign (in addition to Russiagate, impeachment and race riots), in that it provides a compelling reason to keep Biden locked in his basement and out of the spotlight, where his gaffe-prone media appearances put to task his suspiciously high poll numbers. It also offers the possibility for states to organize mail-in ballots, which, despite whatever Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey believes, are severely open to the risk of manipulation.

Finally, the Cultural Marxists, formally known as the Democratic Party, by exaggerating the full extent of the coronavirus, are able to affect Trump’s ability for attracting massive crowds at his political rallies – a charm Biden has never possessed – thus dampening overall enthusiasm for his message.

All in all, the Cultural Marxists enjoy an array of methods for continuing with their cancel tactics, to the point of possibly cancelling Trump’s ability to prove once and for all Biden’s cognitive abilities, as well as his own presidential qualities. It is an even the American people deserve to witness, yet one that may fall the wayside of cancel culture’s traveling circus.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are scheduled to have three debates, the first on Sept. 29 at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., Oct. 15 in Miami, and a final debate on Oct. 22 at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. The vice presidential debate is scheduled for Oct. 7 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

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