The Church Militant

We here on earth are known as “The Church Militant.” The Church Militant is 1/3 of the entire Catholic Church known as the Mystical Body of Christ. The Church Militant is so named because we, its members on earth, struggle daily against the devil, the world, and our flesh. The other 2/3 of the Mystical Body of Christ are the Church Suffering (the poor souls in purgatory), and the Church Triumphant (those purified souls in heaven). The unity of these three groups comprise the entire church, and the cooperation between these 3 entities is also known as the “communion of saints.” Of course, saints on earth that Paul referred to in several places in the bible are not perfect, like the ones in heaven are, but he is referring to the fact that certain people on earth are leading exemplary lives for Christ, and are winning the battle against satan, the flesh, and the world.
So what exactly is the role of us, the Church Militant? Well, like in all wars, the militant take action against the enemy at the gate. Judas Maccabees is a prime example in the Old Testament which we can use for a biblical “type” of what we should be. In 1 Maccabees 1, the Syrian king Antiochus defiles the temple and forces the Jews to accept Greek customs or die. This King Antiochus is a biblical type, or foreshadowing, of the antichrist to come. Judas Maccabees formed an army of like-minded militant Jews, and defeated the mighty King Antiochus with the help of God, and the re-dedication of the Temple then took place. Many Jews were given a chance to accept the rule of King Antiochus and his abomination if they would renounce God and worship him. The story of the Mother and her seven sons being tortured and killed one by one as they refused to renounce God in 2 Maccabees 7 is very sad in itself, but it highlights what the Church Militant of the Old Testament was willing to do for God (Jesus Himself attended the Festival of the Dedication of the Temple in John 10). A miracle took place there, according to the Talmud, when the oil did not run out of the lamps for 8 days. This miracle is still celebrated today among Jews, and is known as Hannukah.
So now here we are in the 21st Century, when the Holy Catholic Church is not only under attack from within with child molesting priests, but also under attack by the government, by atheists, by the media, by Hollywood, by satanists who destroy Communion Hosts and statues, and by Communism as well.
Everyone is pretty familiar with the priest scandal. In the US, about 2% of priests over 50 years have been found guilty of abusing children, 80% of those being homosexual attacks on altar boys. That’s 2% too many, of course, but around 98% of priests therefore are clean. However, the mainstream media never give out this figure, and so many ignorant people assume the vast majority of Catholic priests are guilty of this crime, when it is the exact opposite. Many protestants say – “Well, if they could just get married, this wouldn’t happen.” This is strange, since Paul, John the Baptist, and Jesus were celibate, and the 144,000 in Revelation 14 are celibate as well. And if this strange assertion is correct, then all homosexual men can become straight just by getting married to a woman (which the homosexuals say is impossible).
The Obama Administration in Washington DEMANDED that Catholic Hospitals and Universities provide free abortifacients and birth control pills for all of its employees, a CLEAR violation of the separation of church and state. And this was only their first attack on the Mystical Body of Christ. In some countries like Canada and Ireland, Catholic priests who preach the Catholic doctrine against homosexual sin are being accused of “hate speech,” and are being investigated by the government (sure sounds like what happened in Nazi Germany when priests spoke out against the Reich). And in Africa, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines, Catholics are being murdered by Hindus and Muslims, and hardly anyone says a word.
The atheists are also attacking the Church, with their horrid books that equate Muslim fanatics with St. Francis. When Pope Benedict XVI went to England, the militant atheists wanted him arrested for the priest scandals. The irony is that no man in the entire Catholic Church has done more to stop this horrid affair than the Holy Father. And then there is all of the atheist evangelizing going on, with their suggestive billboards, one even with a church BURNING! And the “Occupy” movement has been guilty of desecrating statues and Communion hosts as well. Sure sounds like a resurgence of Communism.
The mainstream media where most people get their news is constantly lying about the Church and what it stands for. They do this because they HATE the Church’s stance on abortion, birth control, and homosexuality. Some of the worst offenders in this regard are liberal Catholic newscasters, who say they are Catholic, but then lecture bishops and priests about why the Church’s teachings on birth control and women priests are outdated and must capitulate to Democrat Party dogma. How dumb is that? VERY! Never get your news about the Church from the mainstream media. Always go to a Catholic source.
Hollywood is one of the worst offenders against the Mystical Body. The DaVinci Code and its sequels have everyone believing the Catholic Church is some kind of secret society with murdering monks. The Church is an open Church, and is not like the Freemasons and the Skull and Bones, which ARE secret societies. One wonders if they weren’t behind the movies, the pot calling the kettle black, so to speak. And how many vile late night comedians have told Communion jokes, anti-priest jokes, anti-Pope jokes, etc.? And people actually laugh at these abominations. When you make fun of the Church, you are making fun of Jesus, its head. How funny is that? Not very.
And the Satanists are working overtime to destroy the Church as well. Many parishes have to put their tabernacle under lock and key to keep consecrated hosts from being stolen for the satanists’ black masses. Communion in the hand is one way that these evil people steal hosts, as some of them never put it in their mouths before going back to the pew, in order to save it for their rite. And how many times have we read about statues being desecrated at Catholic Churches…Way too many.
In 1962, the Communists created a play called “The Deputy,” where they accused Pope Pius XII of being Hitler’s Pope and not doing enough to save the Jews. One has to wonder just how much the Communists themselves did to save the Jews. After all, they were the one with a huge army. Pope Pius XII was lauded by such Jews as Albert Einstein and Golda Meier after the war for being about the ONLY European leader that saved Jews, with about 800,000 in all being hidden in the Vatican and other monasteries and convents around Rome. Sadly, many ignorant people prefer today to believe the Communists than Einstein and Meier.
So now that the evil one’s game plan is out in the open, where evils like pornography, abortion, homosexuality, artificial birth control, and embryonic stem cell research are being called “GOOD” (Isaiah 5:20), what are we, the Church Militant going to do about it? Are we going to just go with the flow of society, and say nothing? Or are we going to fast more, pray more, speak out more, write our Congressmen and Congresswomen more, & vote more intelligently than just voting for the young sophist with the big smile who promises us generic “hope and change”?
Hopefully, the Church Militant will choose the latter. Start saying rosaries every day for the intention of fighting satan and his dupes here on earth. Go to Eucharistic Adoration more, and ask God to put a stop to all of this. Fast once or twice a week for the poor souls in purgatory. Pray for your enemies, and forgive them. Speak out boldly whenever the Church is attacked (because that means Jesus, its head, has been attacked!). And vote pro-life EVERY TIME. After all, if a candidate believes that it’s all right to kill an innocent baby, do you really care about his/her position on health care or the economy? Hopefully NOT!

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